Sunday, June 6, 2010

Other (abandonned) projects

While players are bravely playing (and testing!) alpha 3 and are dying left and right, let's have some fun at my expense instead...

An history of Fail
I had started some other games/projects. Problem is I stopped developing them, for various reason (bored, "what's the point?" state of mind...). Amateur game developpers know this feeling.
Just for curiosity I explored my projects archive.
Here are some projects in all their abandonned glory...

* BotLife

Idea: AI Bots running around doing stuff. Later to become an artificial life project: evolve bot shapes and brain.
Enviroment : Java, JME and jmephysics.
Status :Abandonned (too ambitious, no fun)

* Ancient Powers

Idea: Strategy game set in ancient times. 
Enviroment : C#. 
Status :Abandonned (badly designed gui bites me back, gui was worse than Rogue Survivor!).

* Mastermind

Idea: Play mastermind solo or vs a computer. 
Enviroment : C#. 
Status :Abandonned. Well somewhat completed but who would like to play that? (I made it for an ex-gf ^^)

* Various projects I can't run again or even recompile...

> Why the fail?
- Too ambitious right from the start.
- Technical annoyance with libraries and whatnot.
- Perfectionist state of mind : if I don't like it, don't release it => no one to share it with => no motivation => no progress => fail.

End of post.


  1. Well hopefully Rogue Survivor won't be abandoned and you'll make BILLIONS out of it :)

  2. I hope the awesome thing that Rogue Survivor is doesn't get abandoned, it just has so much potential. Its an alpha, and there's many things to be done (such as implementing ammunition) but I hope you don't drop it, I've been waiting for something like this.

  3. Hey, Saint from Bay 12 here, I was wondering if you needed any help with art as I am a spirite and icon artist for a few projects and if time allows 2 rogue likes.
    Email me at Gsaintproductions @

  4. Thanks for the support!
    green mail sent.