Monday, June 18, 2012

Rogue Survivor II Project

You can follow this insanity here : Rogue Survivor II Project

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Reviews + "petit jeu"

A couple of reviews made by players. I thought I'd share the love.

A player made this, a remake/improved version of the classic zombie browser little simulation/game.
You need Java.

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Alpha 9 Release!

Checken Sie die pfitzernultschaberkeingeltdownload page und reportieren Sie diesen grössen schultzenarschnotflegluckwaldmeisterbugs.


Undead hunger and rotting.
Living sanity and insanity, cannibalism.
Medics can try to revive recently deceased people.

1 (Rules) Cannot fire at or make an enemy of an indirect enemy.
2 (Item) Scent killer is not equipable anymore and the NPCs never use them.
3 (Options) Supplies drop option effect is reversed.
4 (Options) Some options are irrelevant to VTG mode but still enabled and used in computing difficulty.
5 (Wtf) Can drag more than one corpse but not really, causing bugs.
6 (Inventory) Partial stacks do not stack correctly in some situations : more is added than what isdropped.
7 (Murder) Cops can murder without consequences. Consequences will never be the same.

- Most undeads slowly rot away and have to eat flesh, similar to how livings have to eat food.
- Bite/eat people/corpses to recover points.
- When Hungry an undead may loose a skill each turn.
- When Starved an undead may loose 1 HP per turn.

- Livings should try to keep their Sanity.
- Sanity slowly decays.
- There are 3 levels of Sanity :
    - Sane : nothing happens.
    - Disturbed : nightmares.
    - Insane : nightmares plus insanity sometimes taking control of the living actions and doing random things.
- Livings seeing or doing disturbing actions take a sanity hit.
    - butchering a corpse.
    - eating a corpse (living cannibalism is worse).
    - eating someone alive.
    - zombification and corpse rising.
    - death of follower/leader with whom the living had a bond (see below)
- Recover sanity by:
    - forming and keeping a bond with followers/leaders (see below)
    - using entertainment items (see blow).
    - taking some meds (yellow pills).
    - killing undeads.

- Livings can eat corpses when starving or insane.
- Eating corpse recovers a bit of food points but transmit infection and is disturbing for sanity.
- Nutrition value is low, Light Eater helps a bit.

- Can try to revive corpses.
- Need : medic skill, a medikit, the corpse must be fresh.
- Chances depends on the skill level and the state of the corpse.
- A revive attempt consumes the medikit even if failed.
- Big boost in trust if not enemies.

- Using recovers sanity.
- Have a chance to become "boring" after each use.
- A "boring" item has no value anymore to the character who found it boring (but may still have value for other people).
- Books : good entertainment value.
- Magazines : stackable but low value and discarded once read.

- Bond:
    - when max trust is reached, a "bond" is formed between the leader and the follower.
    - a bond helps both livings recovering sanity, it is reassuring to know there is someone you can count on in this insane world.
    - however, when the "bonded one" dies, the living takes a sanity hit.
- Followers remember the trust they had in their previous leader(s). Eg: leave a follower behind and he will remember the trust he had in you if you lead him again.

- Trees are now breakable and give wood.
- Wood from broken objects is not limited to one full stack of planks. Eg: trees = 10 planks (4,4,2).
- Trap: small actors (rats) have 90% chance to avoid triggering a trap.
- Murder: killing an agressor of a leader/mate count as self-defence and is not a murder.
- Indirect enemies: extended to include relations with respective leaders.

- New Z-Skill : Z-Light Eater, similar to living Light-Eater.
- Modified skill zombification : Light Eater becomes Z-Light Eater; Z-Eater has to be learned as zombie.
- New Skill : Strong Psyche - stay sane longer and recover more san.

- Followers: When fleeing/retreating, try to avoid stepping into their leader line of fire.
- Improved speed advantage evaluation : intelligent NPCs are much better at controlling range when they have a ranged weapon or are fighting a slower enemy (less stupid deaths).
- Starved or Insane hungry livings will eat corpses.
- Some livings use entertainment items.
- Intelligent NPCs will avoid stepping into traps that could kill instantly them unless starving or courageous/wreckless (gangs).
- Civilians will temporarily loose interest in an item stack they can't reach (eg:blocked by deadly traps).
- Not afraid anymore of stepping on empty cans ^^
- Not interested in ranged weapons if already have one.
- Civilians will trade with each other, but they won't annoy the player and remember with who they traded recently as to not spam trade offers.
- Civilians with medic skill will revive others.

- Meds can recover San.
- Items_Entertainment.csv.

Have fun!
And remember, die with a smile!

Das Schneltzelpfäfgrunnerkampfnitchelköpfende.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Alpha 8.0 Release!

Just in time!
Check the download page and report the bugs.


Traps and Z-Skills.
Self-defence. A bit more useful followers.
Gangs that act as looters and CHAR Guards that act as guards, rather than them being just another enemy to kill.
Armors helps or hinder escaping Gangs and Police attention.
New shop.

1 (Crash) Destroying a dragged corpse and then moving.
2 (AI) Trying to get an item in a large fortification.
3 (Glitch) Flaslights out of batteries still functioning.
4 (AI) Won't equip a ranged weapon out of ammos even if has ammo in inventory (noticable when you change AI fire directives).
5 (Typos) Various.
6 (Gfx) GDI+ doesn't display some 32 bits PNG properly (fucked up some mods like Deon Apocalypse).
7 (Lack of Nazis) Every decent game should have Nazis.
8 (Glitch) Invading Zombiefieds incorrectly have spawn time 0.
9 (Glitch) Overlays were sometimes not displayed (damage icons, blue popups..)
10 (Trolling) The readme is outdated and mentions a "RS Install.exe". Idiot.
11 (Glitch) PostMortem: difficulty inflation.
12 (Glitch) PostMortem: follower skill upgrade logged as yours.
13 (UI) Sometimes misses a combination of keys (Shift/Ctrl/Alt + key).

- Personal enemies: Self-Defence and Indirect Enemies.
    - Makes the distinction between being the Aggressor or acting in Self-Defence.
    - If X attacks or declares Y as a personal enemy, X is the aggressor and Y is acting in Self-Defence (duh).
    - Killing in Self-Defence is not a murder.
    - Indirect enemies: X is not an aggressor or being aggressed by Y, but they are enemies through their relations (leader or followers are enemies).
    - Indirect enemies are enemies as long as the cause is there (eg: respective leaders or mates are enemies). Once it is gone they are no more enemies.   
- Undead: separate set of upgrade skills for undeads. See skills below.
  When a living is zombified, some of its skills are zombified too.
- Corpses: rising zombies have starting HP proportional to the corpse state.
- Gangs:
    - Start neutral with civilians, but still enemies to Police and Army.
    - Attack people who have items they want.
- Wearing some armors modify the chances to move unnoticed by Police and Gangs.
  - The effect cumulates with the Unsuspicious skill.
  - Hostile outfits = +50% chances; Friendly outfits = -50% chances.
  - Police: Hostile = all bikers armors; Friendly = all police armors.
  - Bikers: Hostile = all police armors and rival gang armor; Friendly = same gang armors.
  - Gangstas: Hostile = all police and bikers armors; Friendly = none.
- CHAR Guards: they now act more like guards.
    - Start neutral to Civilians, Police and Army.
    - But attack anyone who trespass CHAR offices or the CUF.
- Refugees:
    - Some of them arrive in the subway and the sewers too.
    - They get one skill per day - after all, they are supposed to have survived up to this day just like you.
    - More varied items - everything you can find in shops and houses.
    - After Day 7 they might bring more rare items like grenades, army ammo...
- Survivors: the van guys get more skills.
- New Shop: Hunting Shop.
- Standing/climbing on top of cars/fences increase view range.
- VTG: since VTG has no evolution by definition the option is turned off to compute the difficulty properly; to get 100% again setting ZUp Days to 1 is fair.
- Bikers, Gangstas and Soldiers get additional skills depending on the day they arrive.
- Living player starts game with Food and Sleep not maximized, just like NPCs.

- Undead set of skills
  Z-Agile, Z-Strong, Z-Tough: like their living counterpart but lower values.
  Z-Eater: regen more HP from bites/eating corpses.
  Z-Grab: % of chance to prevent any adjacent enemy from moving (passive skill)
  Z-Infector: more infection damage from bites.
  Z-Tracker: improve smell - do not confuse with the item.
- Zombification of skills is straightforward:
    Agile/Strong/Though -> Z-Agile/Z-Strong/Z-Tough
    Light Eater -> Z-Eater
    Light Feet -> Z-LightFeet
- Z-Grab, Z-Infector and Z-Tracker must be learned as zombie.

- Traps are items.
- Activate a trap, drop it on the floor and anyone/anything who/which enters the tile might trigger the trap (even yourself).
- Stacks: activating/dropping only activates/drop one trap of the stack.
- A triggered trap can deal damage and/or make loud noises and/or trap the victim in the tile.
- Some traps need to be manually activated (use), other traps activates automatically when dropped on the ground.
- Some traps desactivate when triggered, they have to be re-activated.
- Some traps can be stacked together.
- Since traps are just items, you can put many of them in the same tile.
- To escape a trap, just try to move.
- Armors do not protect from traps!
- Some map objects allows you to safely move over traps.
- Pushing some map objects on traps triggers them.
- 4 Traps available : Empty Cans, Spikes, Barbed Wire and Bear Trap.

- new Light Feet/Z-Light Feet: improve chances to avoid/escape a trap.
- Unsuspicious : helps evade gangs attention too (in addition to help avoiding the police)
- Z-Agile: undeads can jump (Agile too).
- Z-Strong: undeads can push (Strong too).

- New Order: Sleep Now - they will sleep right where they are until fully rested.
- New Order: Start/Stop following.
- New Order: Where are you?
- Pushing help: followers will automatically help pushing objects.
    - They must be idle or following you, awake and adjacent to the pushed object.
    - Each helping follower takes a share of the stamina cost and spend normal action points.
    - Eg: pushing a 100 weight object with the help of one follower = 50 sta cost you and him.

- new options to control undead skill upgrades
    - "Undead Upgrade Days" which days the zombifieds get a new skill, or disable it entirely.
    - "Rats Skill Upgrade" whether rats do get skills upgrade or not...
    - "Skeleton Skill Upgrade" ...skeletons...
    - "Shamblers Skill Upgrade" ...and shamblers.
- Difficulty: population density is a much more important factor as larger maps are easier.

- Armor description: say to which faction/gangs the armor looks hostile/friendly.
- Options screen: renamed and reorganized stuff.
- Infection not displayed for undeads.

- Grenade stacking limit upped to 6.
- New Armor: Hunter Vest. Pretty crappy but neutral.

- Undeads: Pursuing undeads will try to move around a local obstacle.
- Civilians: Setup traps in spots they think are interesting and emote why they chose this spot.
- Livings: Sometimes try to avoid stepping on damaging activated traps. Sometimes not.
- Livings: Improved ranged weapon selection logic.
- Livings: Improved melee weapon selection logic.
- Livings: Tweaked large fortification spot selection logic.
- Exploration: slight bias to prefer exploring outside during the day, and inside during the night.
- Improved Fight or Flee logic.

- Redraw melee/ranged hit icons and draw damage value in the center of the tile.
- Blood splatters are cleaned up after some time.
- Blood on corpses.

- Data size.

- Skills.csv: the new skills.
- Traps.csv: have fun; careful not to create inescapable traps...
- Note: The 3 new skins gfx are not used yet...

Have fun!
And remember, die with a smile!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

8.0 soon

In a few days hopefully, maybe saturday/sunday. Depends how much real-life interfere and how many retarded bugs I find. I'll leave the not-so retarded bugs to you.

Summary of the readme:
Traps(*) and Z-Skills.
Gangs that act as looters and CHAR Guards that act as guards, rather than them being just another enemy to kill.
Armors helps or hinder escaping Gangs and Police attention.
New shop(**)
 (*) not the 4chan kind. real traps. i mean the ones you can use. uh that sounded wrong. ah nevermind.
(**) same old floor plan sorry I'm too lazy to make news ones


Some people are crazy enough about RS to write complex stories, extremely detailled aars and make videos of them playing in their basement alone in the dark with only one can of food left while vomitting blood.
Ok maybe not.
  • This fellow MadZab has Play Diary of RS here and here, as well as other games.
  • How many cans does one girl need? Just ask elisebambi.
  • There is quite a nice set of videos on youtube for various past or current versions of the game, PlumpHelmet punk had a nice serie going on last year.
  • I might do some new videos, but I'm afraid I'll have to break into code every five minutes or so to check something.

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Poll: What Game Mode do you play the most?

Since Game Modes have been added in 7 I'm curious what game mode do you guys play the most.
You'll find the poll somewhere on the right side of the page.

A start every RS player dreams of.

No cheats involved at all, just pure dumb luck.

Anyway, see you soon.

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Alpha 7 Release!

Oui monsieur.

Check le download page et report le bugs.


Lots of new stuff most notably : Game modes with Infection and Corpses.

- (n/a)

- When starting a new game you choose a game mode...
- STD - Standard - the standard game like in previous versions
    - evolution.
    - different types of zombies.
    - instant zombification.
- C&I - Corpses & Infection
    - disabled instant zombification.
    - livings are infected by some undead bites (the ones who regain their hp when they hit you). see below for details on infection.
    - when a living dies it becomes a corpse. see below for details on corpses.
    - there are still evolution and different types of zombies, if you want to be more hardcore, see VTG.
- VTG - Vintage - the must for hardcore classic zombies fans
    - all the features of C&I.
    - no different types of zombies, only zombified man and woman.
    - no zombie evolution.
- In vintage you can still start the game as another type of zombie if you want.
- Special case for the player : will immediatly turn into a zombie if dying infected (no corpse).

NEW GAMEPLAY - INFECTION (if game mode has it)
- Infection rated as % of actor resistance to infection.
- Resistance to infection = infection "hitpoints" = actor max Hitpoints + max Stamina.
- As infection % increase there are ill effects.
- 100% or more infection can trigger death.
- Does not increase or decrease by itself over time : heal with meds, worsen with bites.

NEW GAMEPLAY - CORPSES (if game mode has them)
- A corpse will slowly decay to finally turn into dust and disapear.
- A corpse might raise to become a zombie, with a delay of 6 hours (the infection takes some time to revive the dead).
- Chances to raise depends on a number of factors :
    - the time since death.
    - the infection level of the living who died.
    - corpses are much more likely to raise at night.
- Explosions (grenades) damage corpses.
- I'm sure you guys will find all kinds of funny exploits/bugs with corpses ^^

- New Action: Drag Corpse.
    - move a corpse with you.
    - slows you down and is a tiring action.
- New Action: Butcher Corpse (living)
    - inflict damage to the corpse to accelerate the decay and eventually destroy it.
- New Action: Eat Corpse (undead)
    - inflict damage to the corpse and regen hp.

- New Skill : Necrology
    - damage bonus vs undeads and corpses when butchering them.
    - examining corpses will give you more info :
        at level 1 = estimation of date of death.
        at level 3 = estimation of infection.
        at level 5 = estimation of chances to rise as a zombie.

- new Gangs: There are now 2 gangs of Bikers & 2 gangs of Gangsta.
  Each gang is an enemy of the other one and they will fight each other.

- Zombifieds: with the AGILE skill can jump like the ZM does.
- Zombifieds: with the STRONG skill can push like the ZM does.
- Zombifieds: keep half of their past life skills (previously was only 1 skill at level 1).
- Zombifieds: spawned zombifieds (invasion) start with some random skills, half of what a living would get.
- Undeads: undeads gain a skill every two nights (night 1, 3...) from a limited set.
- Each unique survivor has a unique weapon.

- New Armors: The 2 biker gangs have a different jacket with different stats; Police Riot armor.
- New Light: Big Flashlight -for a lack of a better name- FoV+2 but spent fast.
- New Med: Antiviral pills in Hospital & CUF.
- Medkit heal a bit of infection.
- Grenade deals more damage.
- New unique weapons for BB, SM and RJ.

- Gangs: smaller squads but a bit more likely to come (to take advantage of the rival gangs feature)

- Zombies & Rats eat corpses.
- Livings AIs use meds to cure their infection when appropriate.
- All Undeads AIs will push objects around if they are able to.
- Hungry angry civilians will push all kinds of objects around (tables...).

- Removed useless "The weather stayed XXX" entries.

- New gfx for different stages of rotting corpses (flies).
  Note to modders:
    - the gfx has 2 frames for each 5 stages of rot and moves by +-2 pixels.
    - the corpses are rotated and scaled gfxs of actors.

- Sfx when a corpse rise.
- Sfw when an undead eat a corpse.

- Dead undeads(sic) don't drop remains gfx anymore, while it was nice it made saved game unecessary larger as days passed.
  Blood is still in though cause it's fun and be useful to the player.

- Meds: Added INF for infection.
- Meds: All meds stats are now moddable (ex:bandages can help regain STA or whatever).
- Lights: added FOV bonus.

Have fun!
And remember, die with a smile!
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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Alpha 6.3 Release!


Check the download page and report the bugs.


New improved armor (protection) system. Most Stats doubled to allow more items and skills variation.

1. (Glitch) Random number generator might go insane when "Synchronous Simulation" is enabled (noone can hit anybody, Agile is always rolled etc...)
--> I never had this one happen to me, need players feedback to confirm it fixed or not!
2. (Glitch) Could not redefine some keys.
3. (Typo) Fun facts.
4. (Glitch) Player can see scents when sleeping.

- New improved armor/protection system.
  Armors have now 4 stats:
  - Protection vs Hits : damage absorbed in melee.
  - Protection vs Shots : damage absorbed when shot.
  - Encumbrance : penalty to Defence value.
  - Weight : penalty to Speed value.
  Protection vs blasts (explosions like grenades) is the average of the two protection values.
- Unique refugee NPCs arrive with other refugees rather than being there at the start of the game.
- Famu Fataru has a unique Katana.

- Actor description shows armor rating.
- new options: "Show Targets" and "Always Show Player Targets"
  "Show Targets": when mouse over an actor, will show which actor this actor is targetting and if the actor is being targetted.
  "Always Show Player Targets": will "Show Targets" on the player; in practice this is helpfull to notice when you are being targetted as players can easily fail to notice the "targetting you!" icons.

- AIs are now allowed to pickup,trade or use unique items like JM Axe and FF Katana.
  The subway badge is the exception and still forbidden to AIs.

- A bunch of stats have been doubled. Ex: double hit points, double damages etc... This will allow more variation in items and skills.
- Armors stats redone for new system.
- Modified some weapons stats.
- Modified skills stats.
- New unique item Famu Fataru katana.

- More fitting theme song for our favorite super hero.
- Short themes for all the unique refugee NPCs.

Have fun!
And remember, die with a smile!
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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Alpha 6.2.1 Release!

Check the download page.

Well there was a nasty bug so I fixed it.
Should have fixed it...
May have fixed it!?


Bug fix.

1. (Crash) Might crash when displaying overlays (when mouse over stuff).

- new: "Music Volume".

- Some texts have a shadow effect.

- Zombie Master branch speed lowered to shambler level. Balance effect: weaker individually but more likely to be closely followed by a horde.

- Small pause added when the player is sleeping to allow the sim to catch up.

Have fun!
And remember, die with a smile!

I'll try to release small updates, say one every two weeks or something like that.

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