Saturday, June 19, 2010


I hate them. I'll do an Alpha 3.2 to fix those bugs.

Known bugs in Alpha 3.1:
  1. (Crash) AI attempt an illegal Shout action.
  2. (Minor) AI sometimes won't take food while still having an inventory free slot.
  3. (Crash) Giving stackable items sometimes crashes the game.
  4. (Minor) AI doesn't switch weapon when out of ammo and no reload available. 
  5. (Minor) Follower AI keep following directives/orders when fired.
  6. (Minor) Difficulty rating always shown as 100% in post mortem and hiscores. 
  7. (Exploit) Can always sleep for one turn.
  8. (Exploit) Using then unequipping trackers is a free action.
  9. (Minor) Trackers out of batteries are still working. 
  10. (Crash) D3DERR_DEVICELOST exception. 
  11. (Minor) Soldiers/Gangs don't flee when tired.
Report any other you might find, I'll update the post.
It's much better if you can provide a screenshot or a crash log if there is one.

End of post.


  1. If you're going to take care of AI not picking up food when they can, can you please let AI pick up ammo for the guns they are holding? "Hey, I have a shotgun! And pistol ammo for some reason! I'm helping! :D "

    Once again, this is really shaping up to be one of the best rougelikes out there, thank you!

  2. little bug: the score board and mortems always shows difficulty as 100%

  3. could i request a little change, allowing a player to make a first move after entering another district?
    otherwise it sometimes turns into horrible instadeath with no ways to predict )

  4. what a great game. please keep developing!

  5. Equipping and unequipping anything is a free action. I'm not sure if this is intentional; it's a little counter-intuitive and makes for some silly situations (for example, carrying around three loaded crossbows or army pistols is better than a weapon and two boxes of ammo, because reloading takes time and switching weapons doesn't).

    Also unsure if intentional, but I've had the displeasure of being shot by those specific bastards from beyond the maximum range of the weapons they are equipped with.

  6. you can switch running on and off without any restrictions... that makes weapon penalty redundant ) i think it either should be fixed, or the penalty just dropped for a time being. since it is a hassle to switch it running every other turn =D

  7. I dont know if its intended but items dropped in the ground dissapear if you stack lots of them in a single tile



    This crash isn't listed in your blog post, this bug occurred on Vista Ultimate x64

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  10. Great game, tried it for the first time today, and I love it.

    But, is the current implementation of the, hum, shall we say "late game guys" intended to be game-ending? I mean, off-screen or almost-off-screen insta-lose? Are they supposed to be a soft cap to limit max game duration?

    Or is there just something I don't get?

  11. wasnt there supposed to be a new item to help with the end game guys

  12. do you intend to have the game ending? if so make it so you can "win" the game in several ways (obviously the hardest one is the most rewarding) for example the most simple way of winning would be escaping the town by leaving one of the edge districts, another one could be that after X days you get an annoucement that the army is sending a Evac and you have to be around certain spot (to make things interesting could be in another district and not the one you currently are), another one could be involving or finding a vaccine or destroying the alpha zombie (or destroying the ancient vodoo artifact since at least i dont know the cause of zombification) etc.

  13. There will be ways to win or "not-loose" the game. CHAR are the bad guys and there is a story, it's just not done yet.
    "Those guys" are not end-game material they are just very badly balanced in 3.1.
    When sewers and underground are implemented you'll have motivations to take refuge/explore there in the late game. More events will happen.

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  15. Maybe this has been brought up before, but...

    Whenever I attempt to quit out of the mode for an impossible action, I get no response. For instance: if I enter Push Mode while too tired to push any of the objects near me, I am no longer able to exit the mode, effectively freezing the game.

    I'm using Vista SP2, by the way.

  16. hieronymousrex: That's odd. You should be able to exit with pressing ESC. I just checked and its works fine.

  17. As it turns out, I had just screwed up the keybindings. False alarm.

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