Thursday, April 12, 2018

Rogue Survivor Children... and Alpha 10 !?


Since the game has gone open source some users have made child projects.
They are pretty cool and updated frequently! Check them out on the fans forums!
Rogue Survivor Revived by zaimoni
Rogue Survivor Still Alive by MP

ALPHA 10 !?
I've been working on a update to Rogue Survivor proper. What the hell!?
It has some new stuff, fixes etc...
For instance here's a screenie of the new Negociating Trade feature.

Negociating Trade

Here I'm trying to get the pistol ammo from a cop npc for my Kolt. As shown in the interface, I ask for his pistol bullets and ask him what he wants in exhange. He doesn't want to trade his bullets at all... But I could have convinced him to exhange the bullets for my bandages or medikit if only I succesfully rolled my charisma skill. Next turn I'll try again!

It should make trading with NPCs more interesting and viable!

See you soon ;)