Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Alpha 3.1 Progressaar

Progress + (quick'n'dirty) AAR = Progressaar.

New command : City Info
Looks bland but that's a beginning. More stuff to go there in future versions.

New command : Message Log
Useful is you missed something.

The Wonderful Adventures Of Alison "Me First" Collins and her friend Lucia "Sleepy" Steward
I order my friend to guard me while I sleep. I suddenly wake up. The little blonde panics. She probably saw something in the south or east rooms. My friend Lucia is sleepy and too tired to see far enough. Anyway it was just a skeleton, quickly dispatched.

I dragged the bed under the rain into our improvised shelter. There are two other people in the grocery shop. I saw them eying our precious food so I walled us in. Survival of the fitest. I care only about Lucia. She's sooo sleepy. Always was. That's why I'm in charge here.

Listen Lucia. You're sleepy. I'm ALMOST sleepy. We can't be both sleepy at the same time, can we? So you guard ME. Just patrol our little room while I sleep. Please don't make noise unless it's really important. I'm a Light Sleeper you know. What? Those two people behind the wall? Ignore them. You don't need them. I'm your only friend you know. Now shut up. I sleep.


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