Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I started writing a Game FAQ page. The link is right above, under the banner.
Read it, it could save your life, make you win the lottery and find a (better) girlfriend!

I tried 5 different fixes for the minimap bug.
Not a single one did anything.
I now officialy hate Intel graphics cards, managed directx, black textures, graphic streams, byte buffers, lock flags, pool flags and usage flags.
I guess I'll have to write a shader just for rendering the minimap.
But that would work only on some Intel cards that have pixel shaders. 

I'll start working on that later.
I'll do all the gameplay stuff for the next version then look at this problem again.

Special thanks to Andrew R and austin richardson for testing the super secret fixes!

...The installer.
Yes ClickOnce from Microsoft I'm looking at you. I'll use a simple zip next time thank you.
I'll add something in the FAQ to manually remove the game. But be prepared to remove files into some stupid folder you probably never heard of (a super secret cache) and edit your registry. Lots of fun.

Well not quite. But 3.1 progressing.

End of post.


  1. Oooh, ammo's getting implemented, nice!
    Keep up the awesome work dude, even though it's in Alpha, and alot of things are missing/incomplete, it's still alot of fun to play!

    Now let me tell you, Roguelikes are delicious games, and zombie apocalypses are always fun, combining the two was MEANT to happen.

    I can't wait for the next release.

  2. Thanks for the manual installation notes and the time you must have spent dealing with this issue.

    It worked.

    Well, there's a bunch of "rogu.." registry entries in several other random locations (that need to be deleted). I've not kept track of all of them, as there's quite a bunch. But a standard search for "rogu." in Regedit found them all.

    Quite astonishing to see so many entries for one single installation. At least i know i will never use this ClickOnce installer.

    For the sack of the experience i reinstalled the thing in another folder, it worked better this time as the game appeared in the add/remove program menu (no shortcut though). I guess it had something to do with the folder. The first time it was lost somewhere in my temp folder so I suppose ClickOnce doesn't like that.

  3. Woo, finally, actual ammo~
    Another thing that would be grand is a zombie mode, in which you could play one of your zombified heroes, and killing people would cause you to slowly evolve from regular zombo guy to something else, then master, then neophyte, disciple, etc.

  4. Hmm~ interesting idea Dakk, but perhaps it would be a better idea to start from Skeleton, it gives alot more evolution possibilities, Skelelton to Red Eyed Skeleton, to Red Skeleton, to Zombie, to dark eyed zombie , to dark zombie, to master, to neophyte, to Disciple, and finally, something special, maybe even more than that if wanted. :P