Remember : you can mod the graphics! ;-)
These screenshots give a rough idea of the game.

If you have a screenshot and want to share it, tell me, I might add it to this page!

From Alpha 10.0
Please watch your steps when you enter my shop.

From Alpha 9.0
A different way of "nursing" I guess.

From Alpha 8.0
Parking cars in offices!? What's next? A zombie invasion? Tsss.
Hank and me gunned them down. He's reliable.

Players screenshots Alpha 6.X

"Wrong basement, wrong time."

From Alpha 6.0
Awwww! Cute Bikers Nest in my base!
Zombie Mgfgnmgfn vs Bikers Poetry

From Alpha 5
Disciple vs National Guard

Life in the National Guard
Bikers on my doorstep
Blocking my street with cars
From Alpha 4.3
Cops in a shop
Impromptu survivor meeting

Safe for the night?

Zombie in the sewers!

Bloody Office...

Tracking Zombies

Watching her sleep... Yes I'm creepy like that.

I like grass.


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