Saturday, June 5, 2010

alpha 3!?

Alpha 3? What the hell?
Well I decided to rename Alpha 2.1 to Alpha 3. I think it's worth it and its not a patch on alpha 2.

I'm putting the final extra touches with extra final testing. I'll post a gameplay video too.
Since people are actually playing my game I have to make it as clean as possible.

I handcuffed myself to stop adding features so I can release it ^^

So it could be out soon (a couple of days) or very soon (a few hours).

Short gameplay video up:
I spotted a minor bug in the graveyard, it's not important at all, I'll fix that in the next update.

Here's the official change list as it is now:

Alpha 3 changes

- Stacking items in full inventory works properly.
- Dropping items on full ground inventory try to stack then remove oldest item.
- Post mortem on more than one page works correctly.
- Barricading when there is someone there is not allowed.
- Undeads now correctly see Army as enemies.
- Fixed a rare crash in map generation caused by bad rng.
- Attacking a door don't bypass the barricade anymore.
- Various typos.

- Give orders and directives to your followers.
- Weather : sunny, cloudy, rain and heavy rain.
- Scoring with difficulty rating based on game options.
- Hi Scores table in game and in a text file.
- New action : Wait for one hour, can be interrupted.
- New action : Give items to someone.
- Smaller maps by default, more action.
- 2 new events.
- Zombie Invasions grow larger as time passes.
- Some undeads can level up by killing.
- 7 new enemies, both undeads and alive.
- Some undeads actively try to break everything in sight.
- Skeleton speed increased to 1.
- CHAR Guards now warn once before attacking.
- New item type : lights, increase your view distance.
- New skill and item type : Bows.
- Sleeping now keep sleeping until fully restored.
- Food items are less nutritive but more common.
- Light Eater skill also decrease hungry threshold.
- Awake skill also increase sleep regeneration speed.
- Ranged weapons have an efficient range.
- Firing while running gives penalties to hit chances.
- Much less district exits, some neighbouring districts might even not be linked at all.
- Various new items.
- Various map generation, items, actors, skills and rules balancing.
- As a result of changes and default options, this should be a harder game.

- Look at the map and manage items directly with the mouse, no more Look/Inventory mode.
- Dying goes back to the main menu rather than exiting.
- New action : Abandon game, kill yourself.
- Abort district simulation if it is taking too long for your liking.
- Keyboard should be more responsive.
- Added missing elements in manual.
- Added a hint section in the manual for beginners.

- 2 new musics.
- National Guards and CHAR Guards have names and are dolls like civilians.

- Enable/Disable animations delay.
- Control accuracy of district simulation.
- Enable/disable NPCs death by starvation.
- Smaller maps by default (75x75) but bigger city (4x4).
- Option screen shows difficulty rating.

- Improved civilian AI items management.
- Improved civilian AI fight or flee logic.
- Improved civilian AI follower behavior.
- Improved civilian AI sleep behavior.
- Improved civilian AI run logic.

End of post.

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