Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Minimap bug fix - Round 2

Thanks to players who sent report and tried the super secret fix.
Turns out this one didn't work.
I know where the problem comes from, its the graphics cards (intel I hate you) and the way I create/write in the minimap texture.
Don't worry I have other tricks to try. I'll send another fix to the brave volunteers soon.

End of post.


  1. Hi, i've downloaded this little game which is excellent. But just to let you know, at least in the Alpha 3 (and the hotfix 1) there's no uninstall link provided, anywhere. It's not showing in the add/remove program list (and yes i know what I'm talking about), even if i use third party uninstallers, same result.

    Which is very annoying as i've extracted it in a temporary folder i don't want to keep. And now, this setup won't let me run or re-install
    the game anywhere else (wtf?) unless i uninstall the game first, which i can't.

    I tried to remove any trace in the registry, i've scanned most of "my doc and settings" but not found anything related there, deleted the "my document" sub folder. All that without success.

    Please provide a zip file next time or a fix, or whatever manual action is needed to replace the missing uninstaller.

    I'm on XP SP2 btw.

  2. Wtf indeed. I'll change installer, ClickOnce from Microsoft is crap. It doesn't even work properly on Microsoft os. Sight.
    I'll post a post(sic) about uninstalling manually.

  3. Thanks for the quick answer. Keep up the good work, this project has a lot of potential. I will probably be back with a few comments once i have played a bit more.

    As for the installer, i guess you already know about it, but just in case i'd suggest NSIS (Nullsoft Installer).