Saturday, December 31, 2011

Alpha 6.2 Release!

Happy new year!

As usual check the download page.


Much better simulation, bug fixes and a couple of goodies.

1. (Crash) ESC might crash the game.
2. (Glitch) Simulation timer wasn't checked properly.

- new: "Synchronous Simulation" (enabled by default)
  If on, the simulation on the nearby districts runs while you are playing in your district.
  That means when changing district you probably won't have to wait at all.
  Disable this option if the game feels less responsive or sluggish, especially on low end computers.
- "District Simulation" by default up to FULL to take advantage of the new sim feature.
- Limited reincarnation turned off by default (was on).

- Stench killer : nearby stench killer odor is now visible to living players (pink circle), so you can easily see where you or AIs used the sprays (its rare but yes the AI does spray).
- New Action: Recharge battery powered items - equip the item and bump into a powered generator, recharge 1 hour worth of battery.
  Careful not to drop items out of battery you want to recharge later, they are still discarded!
- Difficulty: doesn't factor in Districts Simulation option anymore.
- 1 new unique NPC and its errr "theme song".

- Martial artists not interested in melee weapons.
- Civilians: More likely to use stench killer and improved use logic.

- Post-Mortem: failed achievements tease.
- "Tip Of The Dead".

- Stench killer power/duration increased to 3h (was 1h) and double uses to 40 (was 20).

Have fun!
And remember, die with a smile!
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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Alpha 6.1Christmas Release!

Check the download page! Report bugs!
It's been a long time, hasn't it?
Well first things first, the download and then the explanations.

This one is zip only, no installer.

This version is a 6.0 bugfix.
Computer died. Lost sources to 6.1 but retrieved 6.0.
That means forget 6.1 changes including the infamous armor bug!
Let's pretend 6.1 never existed.

1. (Engine) Player long-waiting was sometimes not interrupted when attacked.
2. (Manual) Incorrectly mentioned 3 skill levels.
3. (Reincarnation) Difficulty was not updated when switching sides (remember difficulty is divived by life number).
4. (Undead) Starting a new game as Zombified Male prevented you from starting new games as Female Zombified.
5. (Crash) Crash on Win7 with DirectX gfx engine when minimizing/switching windows.

- 2 new unique NPCs.
- Dead people always drop their ammo and food.

- All game user data now located in the game installation directory rather than user documents.
- Removed installer, the game ships as a zip.

Merry Christmas!
And remember, die with a smile!

 First sorry for the obvious lack of update, activity and most of all sorry for not answering emails and not following up on the java test.

Reasons being:
- I have a job since June or so and as you may guess it is time consuming.
- My goold old trusty computer died and took with him alpha 6.1 to the grave.

So I thought I would find the time and code a little something this christmas for you guys.
I thought I made a backup of the 6.1 project, but unfortunately I didn't and got 6.0 instead. No biggie, 6.1 was a minor update and had the infamous armor bug. So I started anew and here is 6.1christmas. Its a bugfix version with a couple of NPC.

RS future is unclear. It depends on how things go for me, the position of the stars, the moon cycles, and whether Cthulu finally comes back or not.

Voilà mes amis. Joyeux Noël! Merry Christmas! Happy Braineating!

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