Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Alpha 3.1 Progressaar II

(...Continued from previous post)

Ok now your turn. Try to heal those wounds while you're at it. And do NOT drop blood on the sheets and mattress. I HATE that. I dragged this bed all the way here just for YOU. Understand? Now sleep. I'll shout if I see a Big Bad Zombie.

Great. Zombies tards. Look Lucia, would you distract them while I'm searching for food. Be useful for once. There's a cop. He's undead but he might be still a cop somewhere in his roting brains. Try to negociate or something. Yes with your body if you need to. Bye. See you around the corner.

I knew it. Lucia you were useless till the end. From Sleepy to Undead. Idiot.

Got some ammo and food. The shotgun ammo is useless now but might come handy when I find a shoty. For now I'll reinforce the shop entrance.

 Haha. That stupid cop traded some planks for a bunch of munitions. Thank you sir. I feel like Bonnie. Or was it Clyde? Anyway I got guns and ammos. Those zombo tards can come haha. Lucia? Where are you? Haha.


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