Friday, June 25, 2010

Alpha 3.2 Progress

Urgent bug fixes, balancing and CivilianAI improvements.

AI vs CPU : Fight!
I have to keep the AI code as simple as possible. Better AI often eats more CPU. The game will crawl if I do decent pathfinding and proper planning for all the actors. I want the game playable on low end CPUs such as mine ;)
I can do simple improvements that eat little CPU time, but you shouldn't expect "good" AI from 100+ actors.
I will reserve better AI for unique NPCs and player followers.

Simple AI  improvements
One of the AI improvement in 3.2.
Civilians will try to secure the room they will sleep in, as demonstrated in these screenshots.

Soon. Bug fixes are urgent, I can't have the game crashing left and right.

End of post.


  1. is it possible to make ai climb stuff less, unless they need to? sometimes they seem to waste all their stamina on climbing a pack of furniture... like tables and chairs standing together.

  2. I just thought I would let you know when I downloaded Rogue Survivor, my first played roguelike, a few days ago and I had no idea that I would enjoy it as much as I did. I avoided playing roguelikes because I felt the learning curve to be too steep. (And what about all those funny ASCII characters!?) I played Rogue Survivor, made a short list of the controls in notepad and everything fell into place. I really am having a great time (I never thought my imagination could scare me so much!) so thanks a bunch for creating this. Not to mention I've started playing other roguelikes now, too. (Nethack is the other roguelike I started playing after this)

    I would like to ask one thing:

    Would you please please please make multiplayer for this? I can only imagine how many people would flock to to Rogue Survivor if it had some sort of multiplayer capability. Plus, you just can't have a zombie survival game without friends.

  3. Love the game... I wish you had a nice shiny donation button, I do see alot of starving NPC's though. perhaps the national guard should try to actually get their hands on those army drops :) and hungry npc's be less inclined to flee when food is in sight. But im sure you'll work something out at your own pace. Cheers, and keep going! this is a gem of a game you got there

  4. I dont know if anyone has mentioned but Army A.I. is messed up after they rifles are empty they only melee things to dead (his) even when they are low on stamina they try to punch stuff, they never switch to their army pistol resulting in so many army pistols/ammo that im literally swimming in them (wich ofc is nice but im pretty sure its not the way it was intended) also even with this surplus of weapons civilians dont pick them up (so i have to don the costume of the army pistol fairy and start to trade with everyone i see). Also i dont know if im blind and i dont see the option but after giving a order to a follower (guard or patrol) there is no way to make them follow you again unless they start fighting something, so you should add follow me command.

  5. @Neo X:
    You can get followers to follow you again by cancelling their current order (0 by default in the command menu). This makes them revert to the default behaviour of following you around.

    The AI being too dumb to switch weapons is a known bug, and civilians are also known to be generally bad at prioritising items.

  6. Would probably be more appropriate if I posted my thoughts on the game in here than in the Bugs post.

    Like I said, fantastic game, very addicting considering the relative scale of it.