Sunday, June 13, 2010

Alpha 3.1 progress II


New orders

Guard me while I sleep.
She can shout to wake me up.

..And I guard her while she sleep.

End of post.


  1. Looks great! Some things:

    - "Cop Bobby Jones, cop" sounds kinda redundant. Could be just "Bobby Jones, cop" or "Officer Bobby Jones".
    - Could you make at least some tile graphics replaceable (moddable) for the 3.1 release?
    - Finally, how about allowing players to pick their character's graphic appearance (or voluntarily pick random)?

    But all in all, great work. Really looking forward to the next release. :D

  2. Thanks!
    Gfx and music should be replaceable in 3.1. But no proper "moddir" yet. I use a "doll" system for actors gfx so that's a lot of work to replace the gfx. 230 tiny pngs files, good luck with that ^^
    Choosing your appearance might come later.