Friday, November 19, 2010

Alpha 5 - the other big new feature

UPDATE: mmh the screens weren't clear enough it seems so let me detail this feature.

When you die...
  • You get the choice to reincarnate or not.
  • Your dead character still gets its post mortem etc... and for all intent and purpose you can consider the game lost.
  • You then control a random existing NPC in the current game world (= you take control of a previously AI controlled character). You have almost no control over this process, so you first character is still the most important one for you.
  • Your score is resetted, you loose your memory etc...
  • Continue playing in the game world as you left it.
  • So you can in theory continue to play indefinitly in the same game world.   
  • Reincarnation in a living body is limited to civilians.
  • You can get funny reincarnations as a zombie rat, as the Sewers Thing (if lucky!)...
I think the ability to continue playing in the same world if you want to is nice : visit old places, take revenge, switch sides...
You can still die normally of course.
Play as a classic roguelike  with permadeath (and noreload) or explore the world through various characters...
Its new, its fun. You can use it or not.

End of post.


  1. So, essentially, an ability to revive if killed?
    Kind of useless programming, in my eyes. We do, after all, have a save feature. Also, perma-death is what makes this game fun. Although, random teleportation+item-loss (I assume that's what happened) after death makes a pretty good balance... sorta.

    I still prefer perma-death.

    Though playing as an undead seems like a lot of fun. Can't wait to see what it feels like to be one of those zombies I love to kill.

    P.S. can you make it so we can become skeletons and shamblers?

  2. Watch the screens more carefully, you missed a couple of things ;)

    Playing as skeletons and shamblers is implemented.

  3. Can you just... restart again in the same city? I don't think I entirely get it either. :P.

    Though if it is restarting in a different district but with the same maps that seems pretty cool! Means you can start a new game faster.

  4. It also seems you restart on day 0. Can you encounter your past self? I am excited to explore this new feature haha.

  5. Alright I'll explain a bit and update the post to clear the confusion :D

  6. I like this, sounds like a lot of fun. I kind of hope I get to be a Sewer Rat! :D

  7. i just started playing(been playing rl's a few months) its a nice change of pace with just trying to survive and fight when needing to. kudos to the idea(zombie survival is addicting) and doing something with it.

    alpha 5 sounds good and the reincarnation is optional so hardcore rogue-like players wount be tempted but ill try it out just for more fun to see how everything plays out instead of being forced to start a brand new world each time i die.

    its going to be interesting to see how the game keeps going. it should be a interesting road ahead for fans of both survival zombie horror and rl fans.

  8. If you get killed while carrying Jason Mayer's axe, will it drop where you died and can anyone else pick it up?

  9. I want to new weapons,
    so please add a unique bow or guns.

  10. Meh wants B5 :D!

  11. Nice, but i would a real way/condition for win the game...

  12. a really nice addition. sometimes i really want to see what will happen after my death.
    will the reincarnated character still get another score attached to him?

  13. @Veton: unique items are taboo for AIs -as to not mess up with the plot etc..- they won't pick it up.

    @tekknej: yes new score; I'll also penalize new reincarnations score-wise, add options to limit them to enforce permadeath etc...


    I'll add weapons, ways to win etc... in future versions.
    Just be patient :)

    Imagine fighting your zombified ex-self or tearing apart your fortifications and your ex-followers as a zombie. Fun :p

  14. Good game.

    But i want to do a suggestion: i think that a portable version of your game is better, so we can put Rogue Survivor on a usb drive.

    Then you could set an option to save data in the same directory of the game, instead in Documents of Windows.

  15. @snakebyte
    Mmmh. What do you mean by "portable"?

    Saving in same directory as the game makes sense. There was a reason I did it the other way but I can't remember 8). I think it dates back when I was using ClickOnce installer and its probably now obsolete.

  16. @Roguejack:

    I always thought part of the unique quality of this game is that there is no way to "win" the game. Having an END t othe game would kind of defeat the purpose I think.

  17. "Portable" means that the game and the savegame itself could be put in a "portable" usb memory, so you can play the same game in a different computer.

    When will the alpha5 version be released?