Saturday, November 13, 2010

Alpha 4.3 release!

Get it in the download page.
People who could not run the game at all should give it another try. Remember to run the new configuration program!
Mostly a HUGE bug fix and a couple of new sweet features.
Everyone who got crashes should be able to play the game and get sound now!
Fix the crash bug for Win7 and some other configs!
Config program to choose between different Video and Sound engines!

- Some people couldn't run the game at all because of Managed DirectX crashing.
- No music on some computers.
- Modding some items stacklimit down to 1 crashes a new game.
- Rapid Fire taking two turns.

- Run "RSConfig".
- Video :
  - Managed DirectX : default, but might crash on some computers.
  - GDI+            : slower and a bit less good looking, but safer.
- Audio :
  - Managed DirectX : default, plays the mp3 files, but might crash or get no sound on some computers.
  - SFML 1.6        : plays the ogg files.
  - No Sound        : if all else fails, at least it won't crash...
- Pills stacking limit can now be changed properly.
- All melee weapons can now be made stackable, except uniques.

- New Action : Shove people around - kick survivors out of your base or rush through zombies.
- Rain has a chance to put out fires (eg: burning cars).

- Updated manual.

- Musics in ogg format for SFML audio support.

- Asymetric FoV along walls.
- GDI+ : some differences from default Managed DirectX rendering.

Have fun!
And remember, die with a smile!
End of post.


  1. First! :D
    Testing the release l8r ...

  2. testing,continue the great work man

  3. Here's two ideas for an option related to food::
    Map Food Expiry Dating: Game Start / Map Start / Canned (a terrible pun, i know) This determines the expiry date of food relative to the date you enter a map, or turns all food into canned food. If you enter a never-entered map on day 30, that map will have its initial food expiry as relative to day 30.

    Starting Canned Food: On / Ration / Grocery / Off. Canned food exists, or is turned into rations or groceries, or simply doesn't exist on the map at the start at all. Thus decreasing your starting food count and increasing the challenge; perhaps totally if combined with the above that turns all food into canned food...

    Will definitely post bugs as i come across them! Pushing zombies, very excellent.

  4. This game is single handedly the best zombie survival sim in existance no one has created anything that could even hope to reach the quality this game has acheived. And with each new realese its getting better and better so if you havent played this masterpiece of a rougelike yet DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

  5. W00t! :) On the DL now. Time to die horribly because I lack patience.

  6. Holy crap that was fast!
    Kudos to you, RougeDJack.

  7. Ordinarily, I don't ever bother to say a single word to the designer of a game like this that I end up playing. But I am now. Why? Because you are simply that awesome, and I need to state it.

    Although their are still some problems and bugs, this is to be expected; it's an Alpha, after all, not even a Beta.

    I thoroughly enjoy playing it, and would personally like to see an option like my fellow Anon stated; being able to control different aspects of the city beyond its size and population density.

    Not just with food, either, but any usable objects/items. Basically a resource richness meter. Maybe ranges could be like barren (almost nothing), heavily looted, average, large shipments, bountiful harvest (more goodies than you could feasibly used).

    Anyways. As I've said before, I usually don't bother to say a single thing about a game I've played. But this game was so awesome, I had to speak up; take that as you will, Jack.

  8. Cool, looks awesome!

  9. Amazing work! Lot of stuff!

    If the player has the leadership skill and has a cell phone, and gives the follower first a cell phone and second a command to gaurd a position, the Ai will not equip their cell phone when the player equips their own -- leaving the NPCs 'silent' to the player as long as they're in gaurd mode.
    The same is also true in reverse. An ai that starts gaurd mode with their cell phone equiped will not unequip their cell phone when the player unequips their own -- wasting the batteries on the NPC's cell phone.

    Thankfully the problem corrects itself when the NPCs leave guard mode and properly un/equip their cell phone.

  11. Thanks for reporting, I'll fix that.
    In the meantime, let followers equip/unequip cellphones before giving orders.
    Ps: there's a bug report page, please post bugs there.

  12. "Ps: there's a bug report page, please post bugs there."

    Will do!

  13. I hope there will be an option in the future to kill other survivors. One guy snatched the only canned food I had seen in days and I promptly died with an inventory full of guns not but a few hours later.

    Also, if you have it set so that when people starve they can turn, if you're shacked up with someone who's about to die, it might be easier to just off them before they start fighting back...

  14. Yes you will be able to directly attack other survivors.
    In the meantime, use grenades :p

  15. The download is going at 220 bytes per second, please try another site.

  16. I will for the next version. It should be out in a few days, if you can wait :D