Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Alpha 5 - big new feature

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BRAINZ! (1) 
RAGE @ CARZ :X (2)

HI! BRAINZ? :) (3)

  1.  Start a new game as undead.
  2. Remember, some undeads can't jump, open doors etc... The red "glows" are scents, as undead you can smell living scents and zombie masters scents. The freshers the scent, the more visible.
  3. Bash doors, run after people to try to eat them. Great fun.
  4. Followed some poor girl in a basement thanks to the scents. I plan on turning her in...
  5. ...and it works. Maybe she will follow me.
  6. My little horder breaking into a CHAR Office.
I have just started developing this feature. Thanks to the design it was quite easy to implement, a couple of hours of work. Lots of bugs lurking probably.

One thing I can say for sure, it radically changes the gameplay. Its like having another game altogether!

I don't plan on making the player undead special. You are just one of the undeads and have to "survive".
Its really frustrating fun to get randomly killed early by cops :p

Rogue Survivor will still focus on the living survivor gameplay and this mode is meant mostly for fun or a new challenge.

End of post.


  1. This post = WIN!

    (Ahem, 1st post)

  2. awesome =D i also support your view on the mode, as additional challenge. wouldnt mind it being much more unfair )

  3. Will it be possible to 'advance' to the next type of zombie when zombie evolution is turned on? Playing as a disciple or zombie prince would be even more fun.

  4. Awesomesauce.
    List of things that would make the game perfect-
    1. Play as zombie. DONE.
    2. Choose Character Appearance and name-
    3. Multiplayer (Yes, i'm pushing it. You know you want.)

  5. Yes you level up as other zombies do by killing.

  6. MP no, not possible.
    Customizing character yes.

  7. P..p..p PLAY AS A ZOMBIE! ever since I sent that email inquring about adding such a feature I never thought you would acctualy do it I thought it was just a pipe dream. but you are doing it I see my dream coming true ZOMBIE WILL EAT ALL YO BRAINS! *ahem* anyway great stuff as always rougedjack cant wait for alpha 5.

    P.S People get the idea of multiplayer out of your heads

  8. Amazing! Another awesome side to this great game! Will zombies not have skills then? Since they don't have food or stamina, it seems like the only skills would be attack and defense.

    Finally, the chance to lead giant hordes against the living! Hospital here I come!

  9. Instead of your singular zombie becoming more powerful over time it should be that your single zombie turns to two turns to four turns to eight and so forth, and you control a gradually increasing amount of zombies. As long as you have one you always "survive", but having a growing into a mob will let you frenzy at more fortified survivors, enlarging you further if you succeed.

    And even though you've said no, it must be bounced back again.

    Not possible?
    Or not worth it...unless there was money?
    I'd buy it for $5.
    Or make a $5 donation towards MP.

  10. Damn, that's awesome! I sure can't wait to play the other side! :D Thanks for making this great game, rogue.

  11. This is AMAZING! Amazing amazing amazing.

    Some other ideas, perhaps playing as...

    Char Gaurd/Officers
    Black Ops

    Just some thoughts. It would be cool if you could try the game from different perspectives.

  12. hai thair plz add zombie whale in sewer thnx!

  13. Hey just had an idea what if you could order folowers to search for supplys?

  14. Why bother with MP? The game design is revolved around a singular, turn-based experience with an event-driven story. Think about how many turns you take in any given game, and imagine having to wait 10 seconds between turns. You go to raid a grocery store, but it's already been emptied. And that's just from a design standpoint - you're asking Roguedjack to essentially make an entirely new game. I, for one, would rather he continue making Rogue Survivor.

    With that out of the way, I think it would be quite epic to be able to continue playing as your newly-reanimated zombie once your human character gets killed. Naturally, this only counts if you're killed by a zombie - a bullet to the brain is slightly more final.

  15. Aye... i suppose MP is pushing it. I was just throwing it out there to see if it was possible.

    Anyway, i think i had a decent idea.

    Remove the Min. Amount of civilians. "Sole Survivor" Mode could be quite interesting...

  16. id like Mp not massive-mp more direct ip connect or hotseat doesnt need to radically change the game, food needs to be split 2 ways it would be like having an intelligent companion who wont traid his ammo for some canned food and die holding an empty shotty

  17. Please add a unique bow or gun...