Thursday, November 25, 2010

Alpha 5 - From Disciple to National Guard

One of the test runs I made.
Started as a survivor, got killed and zombified.
Reincarnated as my zombie, luckily a Neophyte already.
Killed enough people to get promoted to Disciple.
Eating poor weaklings left and right.
Facing my first serious enemy : a National Guard.

Hello, you look tasty in green.

Like the good blood thirsty abomination that I am now I promptly rush him and we duke it out.
Stop poking me with that gun!

I prevail and make a new friend in the process.
See private, it's not that bad being undead.

I get cocky, don't wait for the night to get more tactical advantages and get what I deserve.
Sorry for your pal dudes, listen I ggrgrrlkggrlkgrg

I choose my killer again as reincarnation and discover life as a Private.
Wait!? What? Who? When?

I perform my duty and hang out with the squad.

Hey Sgt what are we doing here!?... Why don't you answer?

Upgrade time!
Sgt, help! What is that screen!?... Why don't you answer?

You can upgrade when playing a living NPC as you would as a civilian survivor.
If you happen to be a leader, your followers will upgrade too of course.
You can build yourself a nice high level biker gang for instance.

The Civilian and Zombie AI also does get a couple of improvements. Some of the standard tactics might not work anymore. Or they might. But not really. You'll find out.

Mine. I seem to keep missing letters and whole words in my posts recently.

End of post.


  1. So when is Alpha 5 going to be released?

  2. Will your biker gang buddies be hostile to other NPCs still? Or for that matter, will you?

  3. GUERUGAREUGARUGMAERGUMARMU thought this was alpha 5 :( can we get a release date? Gonna read up on this.

  4. lol I freaked out for a minute when I saw "ALPHA 5" and it was just an info post. SO excited though.

  5. Release : Soon. It will have a couple of other cute stuff I didn't mention.


  6. As usual, the changes and additions look awesome. I can't wait to give it a try.

  7. I greatly approve. Waiting for update :D

  8. Looks like fun, good job on these updates boss! I guess the paradox of perpetual RS limbo is when you shift+a and select spawn as your killer.

  9. @Lex, from a programming standpoint, all Shift+a is is a shortcut to the menu, not an official death. If it was an official death, you would see that RIP thing on your character.

  10. *** Alpha 5 out in a hour a so, hold on downloading 4.3... if you can wait ***
    Is this new or is it just something old you forgot to remove or change?