Friday, July 23, 2010

Players Wiki & 4.1

A group of Rogue Survivors has started a Wiki.
I'll add a link on the blog for great justice!

Reduced save and load time by 20-30% by:
- changing all byte and short types to int (!).
- changing some of Session class fields to Arrays instead of Dictionaries where appropriate (so it doesn't waste memory).
- customizing Map class serialization to save only primary fields and reconstruct auxiliary fields at deserialization.
Fixing bugs and glitches.
Started the Hospital.

End of post.


  1. I understand it is an alpha, but do you plan on charging anyone for this?

  2. Nice to see there's a wiki for the game, should prove to be very useful for new players. I'm working on the Weapons article right now so feel free to help!

  3. Minor oddity: It seems the achievement description for staying alive 28 days displays as 7.

  4. The game will stay freeware, unless some weird stuff happens, you never know.

    Oddity noted. Looks like there is also a glitch with the 3rd skill column (out of screen).

    (use the bug report page for further reports)