Sunday, July 4, 2010

Alpha 4 - Sewers cont.

More work done today, mostly on sewers. A new building/room and graphics changes.

Sewers, the return.
In most districts there will be a "Sewers Maintenance" building linking to a similar room in the sewers. If you want to camp in the sewers that's the place to go. I wonder what's inside...
On the surface it looks like that and is easily spotable on the minimap:

Looks similar in the sewers:
(no-minimap people, I still have to write a shader for you)

Say hello to your new friends.
At low level you can easily get overhelmed. Its not the HP damage that is annoying, its their pack speed and the STA damage. Wait a bit and bring an armor.

Underground/Metro/Subway or whatever it is called in your local city-speak.
Make sure the new maps fit together and the gameplay doesn't lag... I had to reduce the number of rats already.

End of post.


  1. quicky question.

    what is inside these maintenance buildings?

    is it a secret for us to find out after release or is it still being made?

  2. cool progress =) keep at it!

  3. forgot to mention, you should rework the food system for A4, the food expires way too fast, maybe give the food that is inside of a grocery store an extra week or two? the food that spawns off of a shelf or refrigerator should remain 1-2 days at best, whereas in a fridge for shelf it should last until week 1 or week 2. also placing food on a shelf or fridge should prolong it's expiration a good day.

  4. I'll rebalance the food situation.
    The maintenance building is nothing special, I just like to keep a bit of mystery ^^

  5. while it would be realistic (and a incentive to "camp next to/drag a" fridge to your base)i never had problems with food, one or two times my hunger level was reaching the yellow stat but nothing that a new wave of survivors with groceries and a couple of light eater levels didnt fix, also the army have you covered regarding your food needs and while i havent tried im guessing it would be no problem to have around one or 2 followers around since i tend to end with a surplus of food.

  6. Hey Jack, I was curious what method you used to make squares behind walls unviewable. Do you simply "draw a line" to each of the squares in the circle to see if it's being blocked by something?

  7. Yes, I'm using a straightforward line tracing FOV algo similar to that:
    But :
    - with an optimization : Remember tiles encountered when tracing lines and dont check for them again (speed up a lot when you start you fov algo on the border tiles).
    - and a post-processing pass to try to fix some artifacts when dealing with close walls (it doesn't work very well though and produce other artifacts...).

    There are algorithms that give much nicer looking FoVs but I don't use them for various reasons. Roguebasin has good articles about them.