Saturday, July 3, 2010

Alpha 4 - Sewers

Started working on Alpha 4.
A couple of bug fixes and balance stuff, and one major feature done.

Sewers and the Local Undead Rodents
Sewers are linked to the surface at various points. Use the ladder to enter the district sewers map.

 It's always dark down there. A flashlight would be useful.

Meet the local undead rodents. They are even weaker than Skeletons. But they tend to stay in packs. And they see farther than you in the darkness. And they smell you. And they are fast. And they'll overhelm the sewers unless someone volunteers to keep their population numbers low. Nice fellows.

You'll need to mark blocked tunnels with paint otherwise it's easy to get trapped.

I'm out of there. See you on the surface.

End of post.


  1. will there be upper storys in buildings? that feature would be nice for us who like to hole up in buildings. no zombies could get upstairs, but zombie birds can swoop in through windows.

    zombie birds would have weak attack, but would be hard as hell to hit, also like the rats, they would come in a swarm.

  2. No proper Z-level sorry, you won't be able to jump through windows etc...

  3. That is just too awesome.
    No chance paypal donation "feature" coming?
    Maybe I can gift you something from GOG :)?

  4. im guessing we are going to see some zombie crocs? or they are just a urban legend too?, also "And they'll overhelm the sewers unless someone volunteers to keep their population numbers low", so there is a chance that given enough time and if left unatended the rats will start to swarm the city and not just the sewers?. Also when you implement the build barricades anywhere without need for a door/window feature, can you make it that if the tile isnt fully barricaded (or barricaded just once) you and the survivors can pass trough it like a normal tile while the zombies cant (since you are more flexible etc)

  5. well that is understandable, but have you considered adding basements to buildings? probably as part of the sewer districts?

  6. Rats wont leave the sewers.
    I'm not decided on the makeshift barricades details, but they will probably be jumpable when not full (in the undeads only the ZM can jump).
    As for basements yes, its in the FAQ, section "next version". I've also added other stuff to the sewers, will post about that.