Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Alpha 4 Bugs & Poll

EDIT: Change of policy, please use the reserved bugs page "Alpha 4.0 buglist".

POLL : Spoilers section or not?
Since the game has now secrets to discover, I'm considering adding a Spoilers page to the blog.
If you are stuck or annoyed by something you can find (such as a missing Achievements), this could prove helpfull. I'll try to layout the page so you can read only what you really want to know.
On the other hand, it could be way too tempting to just read everything and blitz through the game without enjoying the "what the hell is this? what do I do now?" moments.
So I'm undecided, and ask you dear players your opinion.
I added a poll on the right where you can vote.

End of post.


  1. any way to keep zombies out stairs? and having a free action once you are down there?, i ask these because when inspecting the new building i had to make several trips to the surface since with all the s**t down there its impossible to catch some ZZZ, and when i tried to return there was always a zombie blocking my path (cant go down X is blocking your path)not to mention everytime i managed to go down i was slaughtered because all the zombies gathered there =( so if you cant get a free turn when going down some stairs at least we should be able to spray the odor killer in the upper level to get rid of the zombies in the lowe level?

  2. Yeah I also have a problem with objects under sewer ladders. Usually it's a pile of junk that blocks access.

    I'm undecided on the spoiler page. On one side it makes RS feel less like a roguelike. I feel like I would be tempted to look at all the spoilers and not just the ones I needed help with. On the other side it lets you give the players information directly rather than them going to other sites. Stays a true roguelike.

  3. I think there should be a pool of special monsters that the game randomly pulls from at world generation to spice things up, so you don't know what what to expect every time. Lets call them "Horrors" and they cannot re-spawn. Examples:

    1. Sewer Beast(The thing already in the game)
    2. Subway Beast(A fast moving creature in the subway track area)
    3. Night Terror(A monster that only comes out around the middle of the night and tunnels back underground at day break)
    4. Water Terror(A monster that only comes out when it's raining and tunnels back underground at day break)
    5. Unseeing Horror(A monster that appears on day 3/4 that cannot see. Tracks by sound- so if a character is doing something/moving or gets bumped into he's chased or attacked.)
    6. Festering Horror(A monster that appears on day 3/4 that can feast on corpses to heal its wounds and has a poison effect on successful attacks)

    The game would choose some but not all of the horrors for each game. For achievements you could change it to "Kill 1/2/3/etc horrors" depending on what the minimum limit is for horror in each game.

  4. i have a complaint about some players wanting to kill other survivors. if you allow that, then allow survivors to also attack the player if they want to. seriously. either both should be a part of gameplay or none.
    they could have pretty simple reasons of taking players items. hunger, no weapons...
    i personally vote for no attacking survivors.
    could be an option, but i think allowing you to initiate friendly fire but not them should not be even an option.

  5. Don't worry, if the player start messing with other survivors, other survivors will start messing with him too. ;)

    Improving the handling of blocked exits is a thing I'll work on.

  6. i think this goes in make the AI a little more intelligent, but i think you can manage a quick fix, sometimes when the AI has a follower it gets stuck, the follower will stand in the exit of a room and wont move from its place and the leader cant leave the room, so basically the 2 of them expend their time doing nothing until one of them or both die of hunger, or if they get killed by zulus, but i have seen this very frequently (and mostly in CHA buildings thanks to their narrow corridors)

  7. Damn someone else noted ^^
    Added to things to fix.

  8. i've seen once a leader and a follower stuck by the door... the leader went through and closed it. the follower was on the other side, so he opened it on the next turn. leader closed again, follower opened. they did it for quite a long time until i got bored and went away )

  9. They probably had an argument over who should be eaten alive first. :p
    Anyway any NPCs (not only followers and leaders) can get into a door/window fight, but that's common practice in the RS world. This can happen with the player too.

  10. Found two bugs. I can see objects outside of my FOV, and a guy is currently bashing a wooden door, but not the barricade on that door.

  11. I am wondering how an officer just killed me? It said Killer: officer jason whatever.
    Reason: hit?

  12. http://i28.tinypic.com/15qt3jm.png
    Here is a picture.

  13. I have to be signed in to vote, and I don't have a blogger account, so consider this a vote of 'yes, have a spoiler section'.

    Love the game, thanks!

  14. made a wiki for you!


  15. suggestion, army/those guys should carry a combat knife or whatever melee weapon you find suitable for them (a shovel/generals sword maybe?), at least they are still somewhat useful if they ran out of bullets, also maybe a flare gun?, just to pinpoint the army the next supply drop (so you dont have to wander too far from your base) but also it can attract unwanted attention from everything else. Also add a chance of unique weapons spawning across districts?, for example a katana for melee, a "robocop" gun (modified 10 mm pistol, shots 2-3 times per action) etc, lever action rifle, double barreled shotgun etc, main advantage of these weapons is that they wont break (also have a 100% chance of dropping from a dead survivor, so they never be lost)they are less susceptible to jam, have increased acurracy/damage etc, of course this traits will depend on the weapon/balance, you can make them very rare to spawn on day one/survivor wave or limit the number of these weapons to one of each kind per game (depending on city size) and you can only find one per district, so with a big city size and with survivor running around you would be lucky if you happen to find one

  16. NeoX : combat knife sounds good; unique weapons will get in at some time; flare no because i want the player to search for those tasty supplies.

    johny: nice! i'll look at it and maybe drop the spoilers thing entirely. players making a wiki for players is great and still keep a bit of mystery to the game because they can't guess everything ^^

    cheesiest: There's an explanation.
    Your character is "Sleepy" and so has FoV range is reduced by 1 (its in the manual); the guy who hit you is not sleepy and can see normaly and so "out fov" you by one tile. He is probably standing in the doorway just out of your FoV.
    "Hit" is a generic message and applies to ranged weapons to. I'll change that to "shot" since it can be confusing.
    Anyway there are problems with FoV not being symetric (i can see you does not mean you can see me) but that's the price to pay for a fast FoV computation.

  17. oh btw i am all for player driven wiki. no need for you to explain some stuff. especially hidden. let the players uncover it.

  18. Oh that makes sense, also i figured out it was a fuzzy pink bunny because after i went on it said fuzzy pink officer whatever. But hey at least i finally had some fuzzy pink bunnys come in the game i never had that happen before. Also i have never had a ganster attack or whatever it is ever since it was released.

  19. Yeah, the flip side of zombies not being able to peel off stairs is that if you sleep in the stairwell of a cleared basement you're completely invulnerable.

    ...Until you move, anyway.

  20. Been wondering but what is the music that plays each week when you survive? I swear I've heard it somewhere. Also, great that large fortifications can take such a beating but since you can't move or jump over them you have to use the smaller ones to be "doors" and well, the zombie masters and other survivors tend to get in. Found a way to deal with it but it still is kinda annoying. Anyway to make smaller ones survive more then two hits? Like if you get carpentry to 2 or 3 they can be reinforced a tad more. Right well I tend to ramble on a bit but great game and the only bug I've noticed so far was that I can't quit out anymore using shift+Q, it just says "bye" but doesn't close down.

  21. lemol:
    All the game musics are originals done by me. I made an old version of this particular tune under another name on a tab sharing site years ago, but its highly unlikely you got it there. Other than that, it probably sounds like 14983221 other punk/alt/rock/whatever similar tunes :p

    Carpentry giving bonuses to build fortification could get in, I thought about it but hesitated to give another bonus to a single skill.

    You're the second person mentionning the "Quit doesn't Quit" thing, so it sounds like a bug.

  22. The quit doesn't quite for sure. I've never gotten it to work in the new version. Also something odd keeps happening.

    zombies are tracking me into the basements when no one saw me go in and i used spray to cover my tracks ???? and it's not just one, it's a TON of them. If it was just one i'd say "ok i guess someone saw me heading that way" But yea this is weird. I make sure to always spray when leaving the hideout and spray when getting close to it. So theoretically my scent might be in the *area* but these guys are very much so following my exact path through the shop and into the basement (the only store shelves destroyed are the ones directly in the way).

    Also, I'm thinking fortifications, doors, items, should have some degree of armor? As it is : even a simple zombie or two can wear down an barricaded iron door, the only difference is it takes them slightly longer. So as it stands, pretty much the relative strength of whatever you find to hide behind doesn't matter all that much, because even the weakest enemy is just going to sit there and cherry tap the obstacle until it dies.

    This should apply to the player too, don't get me wrong. If we're an ordinary, unarmed human, the chances of kicking down a metal door or karate chopping a bedframe to pieces before starving to death aren't very good.

    I mean, if Iron doors or char doors had any advantage beyond buying you a few more turns before that police officer zombie broke in, I'd definitely camp out there. As it is I just hide in basements since they have the lowest chance of someone coming knocking.

    I also agree with the carpentry suggestion. The problem with it's current bonus of each plank giving more hp, is even after a day or two : there's barricading materials everywhere! So the bonus can be handy for conservation, but since there usually isn't much reason to conserve, it'd be better to have something else to improve on. It's not that carpentry is weak persay, it's that problem mentioned before that even something barricaded to hell only lasts slightly longer than a single plank nailed to the door made by someone without the skill. Once you get carpentry 1, there isn't much reason to level it more until you just have run out of anything else to give points to.

  23. I'd like to suggest have carpentry make more things. I want to build myself a bed! Maybe have it take more materials than just wood (Maybe something you can get by kicking apart an already constructed bed?)

    (Please disregard this if this is already implemented somehow and I'm just too n00b to see it <3)

    Also voting no for a spoilers page, blogspot won't let me vote.

  24. Oh hey on that note shouldn't we get more of a bonus for sleep by sleeping in a bed? Hehe

  25. You get healed,you sleep faster and get good dreams? what else? better simulation?

  26. Been having problems getting the game to run. Windows XP SP3, crashes my computer and reboots when I launch the game.

  27. roguedjack, if you want to include it in the next version, here is an HD version of the CHARcorp logo http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100723042647/roguesurvivor/images/c/c8/CHARCORP.png

  28. PS made from scratch i only used your original logo as a reference when i made it.

    HD version is a dark, luminous glow. lines are thin, resolution is high.

    i am also planning on remaking all of the graphics in HD.

  29. Hi, only discovered your game this version, but have been loving it so far. Not achieved anything yet but gradually surviving longer and longer.

    My only issue so far is that I don't think the medic skill is useful enough. Why not allow medics to heal themselves and others without needing medical equipment (a % of total HP based on total HP loss? ie, character has 25-30 HP, medic can heal to 30HP, any less and its diminishing returns).

    Either that or allow some other method to sleep and recover HP upto a certain %, beds aren't exactly common outside of residential areas.

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  31. Since the poll seems to not recognize that I'm signed in, I guess I'll say "No" here.


    Quitting does work for me, but I must first move a tile after the message pops up. Weird, I know.

  32. hey roguedjack i wonder if this a bug or not
    when i move a bed or a night table on a stairway
    then i go down i cant go back bcoz those furniture's is blocking my way. im trapped in the basement for 2 days and decided to quit and make a new char lol..

    PS: im really enjoying the game so far :)

    Zombies do not "home in" on the player, they don't "cheat".
    Probably a combination of behaviors:
    1. Stench killer takes time to kill the scents.
    2. If you did not erase everything, Zombies probably followed part of your tracks, or follower other people tracks leading to your base.
    3. Some zombies like to go and bash things eg: go after your barricades and stumble on your base by change.
    4. Some Zombies can randomly use stairs/ladders.
    5. Some Zombies gather around other zombies (eg: around Zombie Masters), so you get a crowd that *appears* to aim for you.
    6. In later game, there are huge crowds of zombies, so the probably one or more of them *appears* to go after you increase, probability * big numbers = bad luck.

    Might consider separating building from repairing (2 skills), otherwise Carpentry will be the super skill.

    Probably a .NET problem. Make sure you installed the proper versions (see the readme).

    HD GFX
    Nice. Ingame graphics are 24x24 or 32x32, so HD can't be used in game.

    Mmh. Might add a "First Aid" skill to heal other people (= use meds on them instead of you). I'm against HP regen, you are supposed to be a fragile thing that dies a lot :p

    I'll fix that.

  34. Also for the stairs thing, how do i bash stuff up+down the staircases. Getting blocked is a part of gameplay i like, just add a hitting down+up option