Saturday, July 17, 2010

Alpha 4 progress - YOU STINK!

Sorry but it's true...

Survivors do stink.
So you can use a spray to clean the scent tracks. Helps cover your tracks, but don't expect the ultimate anti-chasing-zombie trick. Remember some Zombies have a visual memory as well as a smell sense, other just bash stuff randomly around, so don't cry if the Disciple STILL followed you :)

The migthy "Stench Killer" item, found at your local Pharmacy or girly men bedrooms :
I also did add the "zombies bashing the objects blocking the exits" thing I mentionned earlier. It makes basements much less safe, which is good :) A tip : spray some Stench Killer on the stairs/ladder...

Also as someone asked, of course you start knowing the location of the Police Station :
Later versions will get Airport, Fire station...

The evil feature crawl.
I have to draw the line somewhere. I think there's enough new stuff to justify a major version release.
I didn't put Traps, Alarms and some follower stuff (A*, build orders) as planned, those will get in the next version, probably 4.1 or 4.2, depends on how much bugs there are to fix....

New stuff always means new bugs. I promise I'll try to not release a cheesy buggy version this time :)

That's right. I made the mistake of releasing a half-tested version last time (feature crawl...)
I did my usual "implement A-test A" routine this time.
And I will try to test everything properly for a few days.
Might catch few problems, might delay it for a few days.
And then release it.

The changelog as it is now. Might still change a bit, but this should be pretty much final.

Previous version focussed on Bugs and AI, this version focus on adding new content and new gameplay.
You can consider having winning this version of the game when completing all the Achievements.

- Melee weapon Stamina penalty was not used properly.
- AI tried to get items where an actor was standing.
- Fleeing AI standing still and getting hammered when escape blocked (they now turn to fight).

- New map : Sewers.
- New map : Subways.
- New map : House Basements.
- New map : Shop Basements.
- New building : Sewers Maintenance.
- New building : Subway Station.
- New building : CHAR Agency.
- New unique building & maps : Police Station.
- Switch on the power in the subway stations to open the gates to the platform and turn the lights on.
- Sewers & Subways Undeads invade their maps frequently and you never know when it happens. It's always dangerous down there.
- More links between districts on surface.
- Districts more specialized.
- Tuned map generation to better fit new default map size.
- New secret unique map. Do stuff there for Achievements.
Leaving Maps
- Entering maps/districts is a free action for the player - much less instant-death when entering districts/maps.
- Following can abandon you only when changing district - eg: they won't leave if they can't follow you in the sewers, subway etc...
- Different possible start positions, not just in your bed.
- New : Build small/large fortification - need Carpentry skill.
- Barricading also repair fortifications - no skill needed.
- New : Spray scent - add/erase odors, read the manual, use them sparringly.
- New Skill : Martial Arts - improves fighting when unarmed.
- Carpentry at level 3 allows you to use one less barricading material when building fortifications.
- New undead : Zombie Rats, found in sewers.
- New 3rd tier zombie.
- New unique : A local urban legend about something that lives in the city sewers. Kill it for an Achievement.
- Fresh, Expired (75% nutrition) and Spoiled (33% nutrition, vomitting chance) food.
- Rebalanced penalty when Firing respective to Stamina.
- Ranged weapons have more chances to jam under the rain.
- New : 4 spraypaint colors to tag with.
- New : Unique item to find in the Subway.
- New : Police Jacket.
- New : Stench Killer, erase parts of your stinking tracks.
- Bolts Amo item increased to 30.
- Dropping empty spraypaint discard it.
- Rebalanced Huge Hammer STA cost (since it is now actually used).
Map Objects
- New : Power Generator, switch all them On to restore power to a map or activate something.
- New : Fortifications.
- Modified FoV shape.
- Increased minimal FoV.
- Eater Egg moved to one of the Sewers map...
- There are 8 achievements possible.

- Actors description tells since when they are undead/still alive.
- Effects in Sewers.
- When an exit is blocked, tell who/what is the blocker.
- City Information shows notable known locations.
- Trackers display icons on map if spotted target not visible (in addition to minimap dots).
- Updated manual.

- New gfxs for new stuff.
- New eyes : Big nerdy glasses ^^
- 4 new musics.

- Resized Maps down and decreased Populations.
- Simulate when Sleeping disabled by default - prevent "sleeping lags :(" complains, re-enable it if you change districts often.

- New AI for new actors.
- Improved AI inventory handling of ranged weapons (no more insane stacking).
- Some AIs will use some exits (ladders, stairs...) when appropriate (wander, track, flee).
- Undead AIs can follow scents through the exits - they can track prey/master between maps.
- Zombie AI : fixed problem with using memorized smell sensors data - this improves their scent tracking ability a lot.
- CivilianAI and SoldierAI with carpentry skill : will sometimes build small fortifications on their own.
- AI not interested in Spray items.

- FoV is assymetric in some situations (eg: when standing along walls).

Have fun!
And remember, die with a smile!

End of post.


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  2. Silly me. I now see the test it for a few days then release. Good work.

  3. good progress, the game changed alot as i see from the changelog, also thanks for changing the food system!

  4. Can't wait! I've become completely addicted to this game. Playing it every day :) Getting better, too!

  5. i think people will help you catch more bugs quickly ) just tag it as probably buggy release and warn them

  6. release the game, bugs or not bugs

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