Sunday, July 11, 2010

Alpha 4 progress - Stuff I can't tell about

Alpha 4 features more content, and actual "things" to do if you want to. 

Stuff I can't tell about
There stuff are "secrets" to be found by the player, so I can' t tell or show much about it.

There is that one huge map you'll have to find by yourself, and do something here. Its a unique map, only one per game. Find it and do something for two achievements (later will be part of the plot and win conditions).

There is that creature that lives in the sewers. Its a unique creature, only one per game. Kill it for an achievement.

Those parts are done.

The player wil also have the possibility to meet a certain "someone", in a specific "place" and will get the choice to give help to this "someone" in exhange for "avoiding some kind of trouble", but that will put you into "some other kind of trouble". Eh.

That is not done yet.

Stuff I can
There are several new things, major or minor, to look for in this screen...

Polished sewers maps.

What you can't see is the sewers water animated and the junk thing floating up and down. Useless but fun graphics improvements.
Not much new about subways I'll try to make them a bit more interesting.

Hey, I wasn't supposed to show that one...

End of post.


  1. Sounds awesome! Keep up the great work!!! :D

  2. Hmm, a unique sewer monster? Could this monster kill unsuspecting players that spawned in that map and wandered off into the sewers or does it have to be "unlocked" by doing certain actions elsewhere? Alpha 4 sounds amazing, I'm looking forward to its release.

  3. The sewer monster is something you can stumble on. And no its not a zombified american urban legend ^^

  4. So it seems that the misterious building is a subwat system with a power plant? , so you can provide electricity to all the city improving visibility at night, providing a way to recharge battery items and a way to power up the subway system to escape the city (or the hospital to do some mad science for an antivirus or stuff=?)

  5. would you reconsider the civilians upgrade probability to 100%? if they all would upgrade every morning, it would be easy too know how many days they survived ) or maybe just add the time in the description? like 'survived for x days (hours)'

  6. There will be a unique power plant and stuff to do here but not in this version.
    As for 100% upgrade chance for everyone, no, because I want to player followers to be special (they always upgrade with you)... alright they are pretty stupid but still ^^
    Will make a new post about subway and basements.

  7. yeah i get the followers speciality. so then add an info on survived time? =D btw how about making plank wieldable melee weapon with the lowest stats possible? )
    also, more posts! \o/

  8. wow cool but the download link only says verison 3.21

  9. Mmh I guess it's confusing. I'll make it more clear.