Friday, July 30, 2010


I thought I'd share one of of those "Ffffuuuuu" moments.

You know the feeling...
I can't go down the stairs either, I know who lurks there...

The game was an excuse to test all the advisor hints and the hospital in a real game context. Plus a couple of other stuff.

Died a few turns later. Fun.

End of post.


  1. So is WHO just a test to make us go down there and then find another ecnirP. Or is there something actually new down there like the new ally?

  2. Just a small suggestion I've talked over with some friends:

    Canned Food:
    Found in Grocery Stores
    Stacks up to 3
    Nutrition value of 200
    Lasts as long as Rations

    This was just an idea we liked when we were tossing it back and forth. It provides a food source for the time between the Groceries running out and the Supply Drops.

  3. Okay it's been stuck in my head for a long time but that music that plays every seven days. Would you mind releasing it so that I may listen to it some time other then a week in game. Good music and been rattling around up there for too long. Also, that damn captcha thing. If it could use a reasonable font for once I might be able to post more often and what the hell is a fightlten?

  4. The game music files are in the resource folder of the game install, in your program files folder (eg in WinXP: c:\Program Files\Rogue Survivor Alpha 4\Resources\Music).

    Er no idea what are those "captcha" and "fightlten" you are talking about??

  5. Lemol's referring to the "captcha" security system intended to deter spambots. The words are sometimes really weird like "dultne", "tegunt" or in his case, "fightlten".

  6. Thanks for pointing out where the music was stored!

  7. where would the music be for alpha 9a?