Thursday, July 29, 2010

Player videos aar & 4.1

PlumpHelmetPunk is making Rogue Survivor gameplay videos.
He has also tons of videos for fun little games.
PlumpHelmetPunk youtube channel

Not much to report. Still doing the advisor hints. There are 26 hints now covering the basics and there is a few more to add to cover fortification and leadership. It's hard to explain enough to get the player started without turning the hint system into a manual-bis.

The Hospital is completed. Lots of healing goodies there, but it could be a deathtrap if you're too late or unprepared.

I still have to:
  • add the first "throwable bomb" weapons : dynamite/grenades and/or molotovs.
  • add the new ally.
  • expand the plot a bit, with something happening "down there" once you have done the achievement.
  • the "build stuff" order.
  • fix the remaining bugs/glitches.
  • minor things.

End of post.


  1. will it be possible to blow up walls at some point with explosive stuff?

  2. Yes (C4).
    There will also be mines etc...

  3. jack, here is a suggestion.

    aggressive response.

    if the player kills a certain amount of an enemy in an area in a certain time all types of that enemy (zombies, gangs, guards, gangstas) will be givens a ping to go to that area. they would not completely gravitate around the area but would step up a patrol there.

    zombies would howl, guards would radio for reinforcments, bikers and gangstas would simply shoot a flare up in the sky (no graphical effect needed, just text)

    if the player continued to kill that kind of enemy in the area that faction would send a hitsquad (zombies would simply discriminate the player's smell over other survivors). in order for the hitsquad to track the player patrols for that faction would step up where the player is last seen. the player would have to avoid the faction using the stealth skill (you are making that one, right?).

    a new bar in the HUD would show the agressive response meter that is color coded to represent each faction (blood red for zombies, bright red for CHAR, brown for bikers, orange for gangstas). there would be 2 white bars in the meter, bar 1 is the point where patrols are stepped up in an area, bar 2 for the hit squad.

    the aggressive response bar would slowly as the player stops killing the faction, and faster as the player vacates the area and avoids the faction, the bar will not go down when the faction sees the player however.

    when the player completely fills the bar that faction will agressively patrol the entire district, including searching buildings and other maps in the district to find you.

    if the player leave the district (and stays out for 12 hours) before the bar fills completely the bar will reset to zero. however if the bar is completely filled then the player will have to leave the district (and stay out for 2 days) in order for the bar to reset.

    this should be a toggleable difficulty increasing option that would make players focus more on survival rather then going rambo all over the place, while providing an extra challenge for those who want to fight more enemies.

    also destroying a char building with C4 would instantly bring the bar to phase 2 (hit squad), whilst bombing the RACH esab (spoiler, i wrote it backwards) that is filled with zombies then it will bring the zombie's agro response meter to phase 2 (scent discrimination).

    if you have not figured it out yet, this is a combination of crackdown's and saints row's aggressive response system.

    if you add this to RS then i will post this on 4chan.

    "i think rogue survivor is a pretty cool guy, he camps the grocery store all day and doesnt afraid of anything"

    please add this feature PLOX.

  4. I dont know it doesnt make much sense i dont see gangsters/bikers,cha off/army men carrying some kind of comunications device to inform that some crazy madman/woman is shooting everyone on sight and if it were the case in the midst of chaos i dont think they would be able to give a good description of you, so ill just go for if you shoot anyone who isnt hostile everyone on screen that isnt hostile goes hostile to you.

    Smaller suggestions (possibles achievements winning conditions/flags?) add some zero patients at random (with higher possibility to find some in the hospital/that place), add a graveyard that you can set on fire/destroy/seal to decrease the zombie population (or at least the skeleton pop), any chance of spawning tanks(they would be like civ with some minor tweaks, different sprite, no inv, unlimited ammo/stamina moar hp/def and they can pass trough fire cars) or huge zombies (more than one tile) endgame?

  5. @ johny 1337. He said No flareguns

  6. Wow, grenades and destructible walls. The next version is going to be awesome.