Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Intel Fix Patch for Alpha 4.0

It works.
Fixes crash and invisible minimap on Intel cards.
People with other graphics card and having crashes than seem related to their graphics card might also try the patch, it is not game breaking and is save game compatible.

Follow this procedure:
Make sure you have Alpha 4 installed first.

1. Get the patch it here:

2. Unzip and overwrite the files in your Rogue Survivor Alpha 4 program files folder :
(winxp) C:\Program Files\Rogue Survivor Alpha 4
3. Launch the game normaly.

4. The game version should be  "alpha 4 FIX-2", and it will create new config files etc...
Don't worry your Alpha 4 saves etc... are not overwritten. You can copy your unpatched Alpha 4.0 saves to the new saves directory.
4.1 will incorporate the fix already and will not need any patching.

End of post.

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