Sunday, August 29, 2010

Alpha 4.1 The Impeding Death Of The Freezing Bug

Thanks for sending all those save files. You guys are great!
The bug is confirmed. All the save files had the same bug.
The CivilianAI is looping on a sequence of Equip-Unequip-Equip-Unequip... which are free actions. This cause the game to hang as the actor never ends his turn.
I will work on fixing it. Make the equip/unequip action takes a turn is the wrong solution as it changes the gameplay and just delays the problem over several turns, I need to change the AI code.
Again, thank you and no need to send me save games for this bug anymore.

Feel free to post on the Alpha 4.1 bug page, or mail me and send me saved games if you think you spotted a bug or a glitch.

The freeze bug is a major and needs fixing asap.
So I'll release 4.11 in a few days with a couple more fixes and a little something as bonus.

4.1 was supposed to improve loading and saving time performance.
I'd like to know if the effort paid.
Do your games seem to load faster or not?

End of post.


  1. Good to hear you found it. I wonder what the bonus will be :P.

    About the saving/loading speed. It seemed to have improved a little.

  2. Good to see that its fixed now.

    Also was my file the last one to be examined? :o

  3. I could never pin it 100% even if I didn't affect the game during the time (Hiding barricaded in a Char building) Darn bug, glad it'll be fixed. Nice job Roguedjack.

    Load times did seem better especially for simulations.

  4. Or maybe that was just my imagination since I didn't get to play very long before the crashes made me restart XD

  5. Thanks, I had the same bug, but I was too shy to post it!

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