Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Two new orders for followers.

Order : build small/large fortifications
Kinda obvious. It is now useful to give carpentry skill to your followers. Works like the other orders.

Order : report events
You can ask your followers to tell you about enemies, items, soldier or events they recently saw/heard.

Useful when you wake up or come back from a supplies raid and want to know what the hell happened.
This is basically a use of the civilians tips system so it was very easy to do.

Other stuff
Added two new tips about soldiers and events (raids, supplies drop etc...). Civilians are very talkative now.
And a few new stuff I didn't talk about, some of which are requests or suggestions by players. I don't want to spoil all 4.1 novelties, so I'll keep these a secret :-}
Hopefuly you'll found out soon when you get the game in a few days.

Again I have to stop the feature creep if I want to respect my deadlines.
Alpha 4.1 is starting to think it is Alpha 5 ;(

End of post.

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