Sunday, August 15, 2010

4.1 Grenades insanity

AI & Grenades
I'm done writing the AI to avoid grenades. Only Civilians and Soldiers will avoid grenades, the rest won't - including Gangs, so that's a weakness you can exploit to get rid of large groups of them.

Coding the AI for throwing grenades has to be done carefully. I don't want the NPCs to blow each other up or worse kill the player. If not done properly, hilarity could ensues. At the expense of the player.
For this reason I toned down grenade damage, they are only guaranteed kill for humans if you stand on them.

Chain Reaction
An explosive caugh in an explosion(sic) will explode(re-sic) even when not primed. Chain reaction.
That means you will be able to setup nice grenade traps.
For instance:
  1. Drop unprimed grenades along a path within the blast radius of each other.
  2. Bait the horde to follow your along the path.
  3. Throw a grenade behind you.
  4. Watch the fireworks.
You can image all sort of FUN, including giving unprimed grenades to people and then throwing a grenade next to them. You know you want to.

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