Tuesday, August 10, 2010

4.1 Grenades

Grenades are done.
Still have to do the AI for handling them and spawn them in the game world.

Grenades...What are they?
Throwable anti-personal explosives.
You can throw them up to a certain range, the skill Strong helps you throwing farther.
You throw them at a tile, not a target.
They have a very short fuse and a blast radius. You basically have one turn to run away after throwing them.
Can't "cook" grenades sorry, but you can take them back if you are insane enough.

Grenades... How do they work?
Like this.
Equip and fire.
You can throw/lob grenades over most things, including other people.
You do not need to view the target tile, so you can usually throw farther than you can see.
They do not bounce on things though.

Grenades... Do they kill?

I know what you are thinking and the answer is : yes, you can indirectly kill other survivors with that :)
The blast is blocked by stuff, so you can image tactics like opening a door, throwing the grenade in a packed room and closing the door, if done properly the door will absord the damage of the blast.

Grenades... Do they destroy things too?
Yes, but only breakable objects. They are not for demolition (C4 will come later) and not very good for breaking resistant objects. They are meant to kill people.

Grenades... I like them!
Me too.

End of post.

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  1. The acronym you made is T.A.P.E.
    Also, I like grenades.