Saturday, January 7, 2012

Alpha 6.3 Release!


Check the download page and report the bugs.


New improved armor (protection) system. Most Stats doubled to allow more items and skills variation.

1. (Glitch) Random number generator might go insane when "Synchronous Simulation" is enabled (noone can hit anybody, Agile is always rolled etc...)
--> I never had this one happen to me, need players feedback to confirm it fixed or not!
2. (Glitch) Could not redefine some keys.
3. (Typo) Fun facts.
4. (Glitch) Player can see scents when sleeping.

- New improved armor/protection system.
  Armors have now 4 stats:
  - Protection vs Hits : damage absorbed in melee.
  - Protection vs Shots : damage absorbed when shot.
  - Encumbrance : penalty to Defence value.
  - Weight : penalty to Speed value.
  Protection vs blasts (explosions like grenades) is the average of the two protection values.
- Unique refugee NPCs arrive with other refugees rather than being there at the start of the game.
- Famu Fataru has a unique Katana.

- Actor description shows armor rating.
- new options: "Show Targets" and "Always Show Player Targets"
  "Show Targets": when mouse over an actor, will show which actor this actor is targetting and if the actor is being targetted.
  "Always Show Player Targets": will "Show Targets" on the player; in practice this is helpfull to notice when you are being targetted as players can easily fail to notice the "targetting you!" icons.

- AIs are now allowed to pickup,trade or use unique items like JM Axe and FF Katana.
  The subway badge is the exception and still forbidden to AIs.

- A bunch of stats have been doubled. Ex: double hit points, double damages etc... This will allow more variation in items and skills.
- Armors stats redone for new system.
- Modified some weapons stats.
- Modified skills stats.
- New unique item Famu Fataru katana.

- More fitting theme song for our favorite super hero.
- Short themes for all the unique refugee NPCs.

Have fun!
And remember, die with a smile!
End of post.


  1. I confirm that none stop missing target thing. + on lvl 3 i get only option on leveling, and that is AGILE. my version of game is 6.2.1

  2. Ou and one more thing, my firearm weapons jam all the time, just like miss, every time i try to hit i get WEAPON JAM.

  3. @anon 6.2.1 was bugged but what about 6.3?

  4. Yay, new version! I like the fact that AIs are now allowed to pickup, trade or use unique items.

  5. yeah!! 6.2.1 version's bugs fixed cleary!!

    so I playing this funny game!! :D

    Thanks to new version! thanks to fixing bugs! :)

  6. great to see you active again roguedjack

  7. I'm very happy you continued making this game. It's the best roguelike in the world.

  8. I love this game and I love the fact that you're back to developing it! keep at it!

  9. Good to see you active again! RS is a perfect mix of campy B movie type horror and the quiet desperation of survival.

  10. So happy to see you updating again! A bunch of my friends were playing RS, I'll let them know you're back. :D

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  12. Tried a new character, everything seems normal at level 3.

  13. I stumbled upon this game a few months ago, and very much enjoyed it. I was kind of sad to see that it seemed like it was dead, or at least that was my assumption.

    I'm very glad I kept checking back to this site, and very glad to see that there is more work being done. Thanks <3

  14. I'm happy that you continue to update the game, it's an unexpected surprise.

    Keep it up !

  15. i didn't expect the project to be still alive,i'm so happy to see you and RS back

  16. Wohoo, an update!

    Can we PLEASE get more armor types? With all the new values, the game BEGS for more armor types :D.

  17. Great roguelike, mate. Love it...