Wednesday, February 1, 2012

8.0 soon

In a few days hopefully, maybe saturday/sunday. Depends how much real-life interfere and how many retarded bugs I find. I'll leave the not-so retarded bugs to you.

Summary of the readme:
Traps(*) and Z-Skills.
Gangs that act as looters and CHAR Guards that act as guards, rather than them being just another enemy to kill.
Armors helps or hinder escaping Gangs and Police attention.
New shop(**)
 (*) not the 4chan kind. real traps. i mean the ones you can use. uh that sounded wrong. ah nevermind.
(**) same old floor plan sorry I'm too lazy to make news ones


Some people are crazy enough about RS to write complex stories, extremely detailled aars and make videos of them playing in their basement alone in the dark with only one can of food left while vomitting blood.
Ok maybe not.
  • This fellow MadZab has Play Diary of RS here and here, as well as other games.
  • How many cans does one girl need? Just ask elisebambi.
  • There is quite a nice set of videos on youtube for various past or current versions of the game, PlumpHelmet punk had a nice serie going on last year.
  • I might do some new videos, but I'm afraid I'll have to break into code every five minutes or so to check something.

End of post.