Monday, September 6, 2010

Post about posting comments

I didn't realize there was an option to allow comments to anonymous guests. DOH!
Everyone can now comment.
Thanks to the person who pointed that to me.
Of course I reserve the right to disable that if I get too much annoying spam (I'm getting mail from Nigeria already) or trolls (which I doubt since roguelike players are nice and clever people... Right? ;) ).

Enf of post.


  1. I don't really see the point...If people don't have one of the half dozen account types listed below, they probably aren't human. It just seems like it gives people an excuse to be rude here. Oh well x.x

  2. Now I can post with my name rather than my mother's email address. >.>

  3. Sorry for double post, I forgot to mention I was known as amymsnyder, my mother's email converted to a google account so I could post here.

  4. aww you hurt my feelings, im a troll :(

  5. Hey after finally downloading and playing 4.11 I have to say I'm liking the new additions muchly :] But there are some serious problems, like

    A) The hospital, some of the corridors take 1-2 hours gametime to walk down, hence if you want to get to the deepest part of it, you need a lot of supplies, plus you'll need even more to make your way out if everyone's become a zombie by then, also, apart from what you get for killing a certain someone, it's really not worth going to the hospital.

    B) I'm not sure if that 'thing that you get' is indestructible, as i died too soon to give it a good testing, but melee weapons break far too easily, I got 3 hits with a shovel before it broke, swapped to hammer, that broke in 1 yeah, i dunno, seems broken D; literally lol.

  6. It's indestructible, and the hospital looks like a dungeon from NetHack :). I think it should have some barricaded rooms with supplies on other floors to make it viable to check it for MEDICALS, not SPOILERS :). Please?

  7. Again, the meele weapons have a 1% chance to break. you were just REALLY unlucky

  8. The hospital doesn't need any more medicals than it already has, maybe just spread them out a little x] Fact is they're useless past a certain extent anyway, I mean I'd only ever carry one medpak and some blue pills at max, green if using melee, but yeah, melee weapons are unreliable and building martial arts and strong takes like a week - 2 weeks gametime, so yaaah, Maybe the hospital needs food store rooms >_> It'd make sense <_< Hospitals normally do prepare for quarantine situations x] Maybe make a health item which restores minor hunger?

    Great game though, I love how it's coming along :D Oh and Deon I look forward to trying out your MOD x]

  9. 2 Ideas:
    1. A mode to only have regular zeds. (no evo, masters, skeles, rats are a maybe)
    I want a realistic apocalypse, and those masters make it hard. REAL zombies can't hop ovah st00f.
    2. Change "Starved Zombification" to "Non-zombie related death" or something, as if a person gets black ops'd or something they won't turn into a zed, with 100% zombifacation chancr on both. Makes a George A. Romero style hard also.

  10. I agree with Aaron, a true zombie survival mode.

    It would be awesome if you could lose a limb etc like in Dwarf Fortress.

  11. Don't read Aarons post if you hate spoilers and have never gotten very far btw.

  12. Some ideas
    1. Chainsaw: Limited ammo/gas but very powerful and loud.

    2. Mines: Stupid zombies or some unlucky survivors step on them then BOOM!!!

    3. Meat: Can be used as a food item that spoils really fast or could be dropped to distract/lure zombies.

    4. Desperate People(Near starvation): Maybe some(not all) survivors that are near death via starvation might attack you if you have food items on you.

    5. Desperate People(Cannibals): In late game maybe some survivors are/become cannibals will attack any non-zombie person for their tasty human flesh.

    6. EVEN MORE Desperate People(Ghouls): People that became so hungry they started eating the walking dead therefor turning them into a new brred of undead. Long story short zombies with the abilities they had before turning into ghouls. Later down the road they can even barricade or use weapons.

  13. @ Mike Gomez

    Like the ideas, but the last one seems to much like a fallout reference to me :P

  14. Mines and traps are planned (that includes "meat" traps).
    I don't want half-undead people, I want to keep a clear gameplay difference between livings and undeads.