Sunday, September 5, 2010

Alpha 5.0 - Items and Skills Modding

Involved bunch of repetitive typing, Ctrl-C Ctr-V and refactoring but its done.
Remember you can only mod stats, not the abilities or types and you can't add new content.
Some stuff are still hardcoded.
RS was designed that way. It gets the game done faster, rather than being a nice project with cute design and features that never gets done (I did that way too often).
I'm sure this will make some people disappointed/angry/furious :D

Like actors, all items are moddable.
For instance Melee Weapons:

Or Food:

Same principle.

So you will be able to mod actors, items and skills stats.
All the files are in Resources\Data.
There's also a readme.txt that explains some stuff.
I'm done with modding support for this version.
Now onto more interesting and fun things...

End of post.


  1. Did something happen to the nat guards? because i just tried trapping one around day 3 to get his armor. I came back around day 6 and he still only had carpentry and the same things were in his bag. I have zombie starve at 50% and starve at yes. He was not even hungry, or sleepy for that matter.

  2. Some actors have no hunger, national guards are one of them. But they still have to sleep.

  3. Well thats crap. I used to just lock them up to have them die the next two days to get early armor. Well i guess not i gotta actually wait for them to die then.

  4. :D
    Love the new alpha! It's even betterer than before :)
    Can't wait to mod stuff. I could make a big hammer +500 attack,damage, AND stamina, so it heals me :P

  5. can you consider making it so the national guard comes with wood,carpenter skill maxed and will fortify random key positions (such as the PD, city center, central road in a district, subway entrances).

    such places once the national guard fortifies them would serve as a somewhat safe place to lay your head down at night, but that will only last until national guards supplies run low and they are forced to abandon the position. also maybe blackops would gravitate to such positions to silence potential witnesses (civilians protected in the base, national guard, player).

    once blackops take such fortifications from the cold dead hands of its builders and others surviving there they would mainly be dropped off by their helicopters there instead of randomly.

    on the contrary however the late game civilian militia will also attempt to take these bases in the event blackops take them. once this is done it will turn into a recruitment center for them where entering civilians will randomly (75% chance) become civilian militia instead of normal civilians. this would also occasionally (once a week) spawn the militia's supplies (armor, maybe a clip's worth of ammo, no guns or anything major).

    that is all, i think that would contribute to the world-oriented/ non-player oriented gameplay that makes rogue survivor.

  6. Yes please do move on to more FUN!

    On a more serious note, do you plan to add headshotting? Make it so that rifles have a higher chance to headshot and the precision rifle has a 75% chance to headshot and does double/triple damage. However this only applies to zombies. I guess this adds more balance to the player because the BO is already very very strong, any more buffing of their rifle against humans is overkill, but that rifle really really sucks against zombehs.

  7. nice job look at the weapons
    spoiler on new unqiue enmey
    hurry censor it

  8. @johny They already DO come in and do that. They usually come in and around there second day of being called in or even on the first and third. Around that time they set up several small forts inside a shop or around broken buildings doors.