Thursday, September 2, 2010

Alpha 5.0 - Actors Modding

Implemented. I hate coding parsers and stuff like that. But its done.
The game now reads the actor model data from a CSV file, rather than hardcoded values.
You can change most game values of the actors.

The result:

Drawed the ghost and changed the stats in 30 seconds.
1 change the stats in GameActors.csv.
2 change the graphic file.

The stat line went from this:
"skeleton","skeletons",100,5,99,8,2,3,0,6,0,0,10,"Quite annoying. Like a fly."

to this:
"blue ghost","blue ghosts",125,5,99,10,1,5,0,8,0,0,25,"Gobble Gobble."
The vanilla GameActors.csv file now looks like this in Open Office:

No sorry. Only changing basic stats. Same with items.

End of post.


  1. I wonder if we'll eventually be able to choose what the players name and clothing are.

  2. Uhm sorry if this is a stupid question but how do you bring up the debug(?) mode that shows how many of each side are alive. In alpha 3(?) and below it was Fsomething but its not the same thing.

  3. Yay good to know. I see you updated the faq with more possible future updates. They look tasty :D

  4. Victor: F9, but it is disabled since alpha 3.2. All cheats are not available for public use since then, they work only for me :p

  5. Well i dont see it as a cheat as much as a hint. You culd make it as an option in the options menu but it lowers dif. Though most players do not care that much. I could see as its like hmm 72 zombies and only 30 humans i better stay inside and if theres like 50 humans and 7 zombies then go out.

  6. This is neat, but all I've really wanted since the first release is the ability to kill other survivors. Please implement this soon.

  7. Sean: it will be implemented, it's in the "yes" part of features FAQ. Right now you can only kill them indirectly with grenades and closing gates.

  8. Tired of them wandering into my base and stealing all my items the second I open my door XD Payback time.

  9. Would it be possible to add something that tells you if an undead is going to act this turn or not? With undead slower then humans I kill them by stepping back until they don't have an action, hitting them, and then repeating until they're dead. Sometimes though with the undead that have speeds of .66 or so make me miscalculate.

  10. Veton: I'm adding this as an option. It decreases difficulty since it makes the game easier.

  11. I has a shottie ideaz!
    Hoqw about when you reload a shotgun, it only puts one bullet in, rather than fill it as if it was clip fed. It's realistic(er). And to offset this nerf, maybe increase there damage to 20-25?
    Also, for the shotties, make it so when out of there effective range there damage decreases rather than accuracy, as it doesn't make much a difference since it still has 25 attack (i think) which is monstrous.
    I should change my name to "idea man" :P

  12. That's exactly what I needed, RogueDjack!!! Thank you very much. Can't wait to get 5.0. When do we get eeet?!! Me want!