Saturday, May 14, 2011

Facebook & Bugs & Fans Stuff

Created a facebook page for the game.
If you are into this kind of things, it is there:

...had to show up, didn't they?
Remember to post them on the "report bugs" page.

Spanish fan Rubeus translated the alpha 6.0 manual some time ago and I didn't have the time (ok I fucked up) to add the link as agreed. Sorry for the delay!
So get the translated manual on the "fans stuff" page!

End of post.


  1. Awesome. Yeah, bugs are a drag but if they are found then they can be fixed.

  2. Sometimes you can't fire the shotgun because of 'out of range' when you are in range. This is the only bug I've found.

    Sweet release, Roguedjack. I've poured way too many hours into this game :0 On day 16 woo.

  3. Shotgun out of range:
    If this happens again can you take a screenshot?

  4. Ahoy, Roguedjack. I can confirm Anon's comment on the shotgun range bug, however I think it applies to all firearms. The fix is to unequip and reequip this item. This happens to me 1-3 times per hour of gameplay with both a shotgun and pistol so far. Regardless of ammo count or distance you'll be reported as 'out of range' for the given weapon - even at point blank, with red aiming circle/s.

    On another note, do you have contact details anywhere on the site or are you content to speak here? I wished to ask a few questions with a possible proposal related to RS.

    Thanks for the second best roguelike I've ever played, and good luck in its continued development :)

  5. ... Yeah, alright, just noticed you include your email address on the right side. Missed that on my first search. *ahem* I'll email ye >.>

  6. That "out of range" happened for me too. If you remove it and take it back, it fixes it.

  7. It's out of range, do you know how to fix it?

  8. Say, is this still a thing? Are you still making this game, or have you quit?

  9. It surely has been a long time; sadly I think he dropped it.