Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Alpha 6.1 release!

Check the download page.

Minor release, nothing major.

I'll get very busy very soon so I'd thought I'd release a little something now rather than a bit more later.
Couldn't find the time to implement the various requests from the poll. I'll have to rewrite the AI engine and write a quest engine so it will take some time.

The changelog:
Minor update.

1. (Engine) Player long-waiting was not interrupted by attacks through exits.
2. (Manual) Incorrectly mentioned 3 skill levels.
3. (Reincarnation) Difficulty was not updated when switching sides.
4. (Undead) Starting a new game as Zombified Male prevented you from starting new games as Female Zombified.
Various typos ingame & in manual.

- All game user data now located in the game installation directory rather than user documents.
- Config : select game font - limitations :
  - style is ignored.
  - the ui DOES NOT adapt to font settings, so changing too much will mess up the interface.
  - so yes, this is a rather limited and useless option. doh.

Map Generation
- New building : Warehouse, filled with crates.
Map Objects
- New object : Crate - break them to loot random content or use them as mobile barricade.
- Disarm : when fighting in melee attacker/defender has a small chance to disarm opponent on a succesfull hit/defence (5%).
- Martial Arts increase chances to disarm opponent.
- Dead people always drop their ammo and food.

- Removed Exit/Cancel binding, ESC is the universal exit key.

- Skills.csv : Martial Arts 3rd value = disarm bonus.
- New gfx for crates.

- Asymetric FoV.

Have fun!
And remember, die with a smile!
 End of post.


  1. Always good to see an update, even a minor one :)

  2. Thanks for the update Roguedjack! Plenty of us are still floating around following every update :)

  3. Not a bad idea the disarm thingy could give an edge to melee based characters against ranged (granted they ambush them), hm.

  4. Great! Even such "small updates" are awesome to drag the attention of the crowd! :P

    If you could update the game with small things from time to time, in the long run the game becomes better no matter how minor the updates are. I am so happy that you still can work on this :).

    Now, off to update the tileset and the mod!

  5. this is awesome! have been playing this game for a long time and never get boored:) thanks a lot!

  6. many thanks. hope this game will grow )

  7. By the way, am I the only one thinking that 5% chance to disarm/level is too low? You usually die to 1-2 shotgun blasts, and rifles are powerful too, so I immediately made it 10%.

    Martial Arts is already very low on my skill priority list, and just 25% chance to disarm an opponent on level 5 won't make me to spend 5 levels to get it... 50% though is a good gamble to go for.

  8. I said it at the start and i'll say it again...Roguedjack is awesome for creating this!!

    I'd suggest spending time making the core engine perfect first, then it's much more fun adding features :)


  9. I can't actually play the game since 6.1, every time I start up it says that it stopped working. I've uninstalled all old files including what I thought might be faulty download files. I fiddled with the options, uninstalled, redownloaded and reinstalled it multiple times, it still won't work. I'm using windows 7 and I'm fairly certain I have .net framework 3.5 (or higher). I'd appreciate help, your game is great fun!

  10. @william
    Do you use the installer or no installer version?
    Try using the other one and tell me if it helps.

  11. Oh! It works, why didn't I think of that before?

    Seems like the installable version might be a bit buggy, however having the no install version is absolutely fine for now.


  12. i used installer and had same problem, but fixed it by going to properties and run as administrator. then it worked:)

  13. Somehow, my protection is at an negative value.
    Not sure when it happened, but it's at -5 with no armor.

  14. Hey, good to see an update!

    It's great to see some activity on my favorite roguelike :)

  15. @anons
    Please use the "report bugs" page to report bugs.
    If you can, provide a screenshot or a save game.

  16. Got a bit of a bug. Whenever I drop my armor it counts me as losing that value permanently. I am currently running at -33 protection and get killed by almost everything.

  17. Grrr. Talk about a buggy release :-]

  18. Two people typed this in google to get to this site:
    "rouge survivor bugspot .com"

    I don't know what is the saddest part, "rouge" or "bugspot" :(

  19. To fix the "Stopped Responding" issue with the installed version, set the shortcut or the .exe to "run this program as administrator".

    Well, it worked for me :V

  20. thanks for the update,keep going bro

  21. I'm certain that this has come up before, but have you considered multiplayer? Not necessarily and MMO, but even just 2-4 people...

  22. @Brash
    Roguedjack has said in the past that he has no plans to make a multiplayer aspect, however, I agree that even 2 player would be an incredible option. I'm not a programmer, but I don't think that adding some kind of second "event" after the player 1 and before the enemies/npc simulation is impossible. It seems to me that the major holdup would be overall implication, i.e. recalling and remembering two sets of stats, inventory, abilities... and we haven't even talked about tcp/ip or other online modes...
    I'd love to see the option as well, but it seems unlikely.

  23. Rj can you release a new version please, or just fix simple bugs like armor wearing bugs and make 1.0

  24. Sad to see a game like this not be updated in so long. Can only make you think it won't progress anymore...

  25. In the meantime between next version, maybe this will interest someone: http://grandrogueauto.blogspot.com/

  26. Incredible release, call me hooked. Rogue Survivor got some love from me today in my feature on Roguelikes as a genre on my blog.

  27. I think this is an incredible game and I would really like to see it get updated some more. I don't know if that will ever happen or not but I must say that this release even though it is buggy (armor protection values will stay negative if you unequip a piece of armor and drop it) it is enjoyable.

  28. It sucks to see this game dead.

  29. Rest in peace young Rogue Nigga, there's a heaven for us zeds.
    But realy, looks like "real life" overpowered another great and promising indie project. Even with these Project Zomboid's, and The Dead Linger's, it is still unique. It's just a shame. And don't bother guys, RJ doesn't read these. Just send him an e-mail./S3rb14n

  30. Oh c'mon, at least just fix the armor bug, it makes the whole last release useless!!