Saturday, April 2, 2011

Poll results & the future

Thanks to everyone who voted and commented!
The top three:
  1. 66% more content
  2. 36% better living AI
  3. 35% quests/missions
I heard you guys and will work on these points in priority. I still have ideas on my own to do ;-)

As I said in a comment, I'm working on a serious job opportunity.
This means I'm busy.
Very busy.
I'm sure you understand I need to make a living.

Currently I have little free time to spend on RS or any other thing really.  Everything not job related is on hold (yep the flash thing too not like, anyone seems to care :p)
This job should allow me to work on RS in quiet periods. Right now is a busy period.
So, keep the faith.
Blast zombies.
Eat brains.
Or murder innocent bystanders for food.

End of post.


  1. wait... that doesn't add up

  2. You could vote for more than one thing in the poll, so it's a percentage of the voters, not of the votes

  3. Oh yay, update! :D
    On no, you're busy! :(

  4. We should be thankful Roguejack got RS to such a playable state before he got so busy.

    I only wish I had remembered to post the "other" thing I wanted - more realistic ballistics! If I miss a monster, I want there to be a chance of hitting the zombie (or survivor) behind it! Or beside it, if the shot was really bad...

  5. Hey jack. I know you're busy and all, but i was just wondering. Do you think you might release anything in April-May?

  6. April most probably not. May can't predict.

  7. So... what is the flash thing? I for one still don't know anything about it, which is why I'm still most interested in RS. I KNOW that RS is great, but i can only assume that the flash thing will be too.

  8. "Quote: April most probably not. May can't predict."

    Thanks for the answer Jack!!!

    Can't wait for new content!

  9. Hey Jack.
    I came across Rogue Survivor randomly on the net. Installed about a week ago and I love this game. Been playing it on and off as much as free time permits.
    Thanks for the great game!

  10. have been playing rogue survivor for months now, and LOVING it. it is such an original game:) do what you do and keep up the good work mate ;)

  11. Hi, just arrived to this wonderful game... it keeps me playing for hours...
    Hope your work will be OK. The game is very playable as it is, take your time :)

  12. I totally know what "busy" means, being a family man and all.

    Once you get more "hobby time", please do not forget about us, we care about the game a lot :D.

    Also, congratulations! The fact that you have a good busy job is great by itself :).

  13. Sorry to hijack your topic roguedjack, but I was away from a long while and lost a bunch of regular visitors coming from here, it's just to tell them I am back and that GRA is still under heavy development ^^.

    Otherwise, congratulations on your new job, especially if you managed to find something computer related, I know it's hard to get good opportunities in this area these days.


  14. I haven't seen much activity here.

    Did everyone die?

  15. Sshhhh! A minor update is coming soon but don't spill the beans ;)