Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Alpha 5.1 - "HEY! YOU!" the return

Already done some work for 5.1, fixing bugs, rebalancing stuff, adding new features.
A feature players kept craving for is coming. You will love it for the freedom it gives you... and hate it when NPCs will use it on you.

Your friendly nextdoor civilian can get quite nasty...

i can haz ur food?

U talkin' to me?

...and that means you can get quite nasty as well.

You will be able to initiate attacks on anyone, but that will make them "personal ennemies" and, depending on who you attack, will have more consequences. Consequences will never be the same. (lulz zomg roflcopter).

End of post.


  1. WOAH cool, so can you actually give that guy food to escape confrontation/hostility (Or is that for future update :))?

  2. Yes, as long as fighting has not started.
    They are agressive to other actors who have food or are standing on food. So drop your food and run :p

  3. I hope not every character is like that. There should be some "aggressiveness" value, so some actors do it, and other not.

    Also I think that attacking a civillian should make other civilians which see you hostile/not willing to talk/trade too, and they should be able to tell each other about you (he's a nasty killer bla bla).

  4. x-mas came early! :) I wasn't expecting this so soon. Downloading and dropping in on the new forum to sign up.

  5. I haven't found any Technical section on the forum, so I hope you won't mind if I ask something right here. So, my question is simple: is it possible to enlarge the font somehow? I'm trying to play on the netbook, and my eyes already hurt :(

    Thank you in advance. And thank you seventy five times for the game itself :)

  6. Hey roguedjack, a while back you posted that you are going to add ammo box modding (
    Are you still planning to?
    If so, have you got any ETA for it?

  7. @anon1 : No. If the text is blurry and have an Intel video card, try this : In your Intel control panel set "3Dtexture" to "Quality".

    @anon2 : Yes. No ETA, it's a low priority task.

  8. The drop rate for items could be put in as an option for "Killed by living" and "Killed by undead" so NPCs that murder for food will stop murdering for food, because it dropped on the first murder (and not the fifth) and that piles of items won't happen when zombies kill groups of bikers and such.

    Also, mercy killing for NPCs (maybe also by NPCs?) with low enough health that are nearby too many zombies. Bonus points if the NPC says "I don't want to be a zombie!" and has an icon indicating mercy-killable, or something. Because it isn't a zombie game without mercy killings or self-sacrifice! heh

  9. Just got into this game, this was the number 1 thing I wanted.

    Then you started giving it to us. Fuck yes.

  10. Gonna start playing again soon I guess :D