Sunday, May 30, 2010

Building your own little fort

Mobile barricades
Barricading isn't limited to the "barricade" action on doors and windows.
You can make your own mobile barricades by pushing stuff around.
Shopshelves are very good for this.

Barricading shops
You can make your own little forts very easily.
 Some examples.

A simple "wall" setup (shown locked from the inside).

A slightly better one, to prevent zombies from seing who is inside (shown open from the outside).

A better one, with a "mobile door" (shown here closed from the outside) :

Barricading streets
Since you can push stuff around why not barricade the street to make it even safer?

This is not new, you can do all this in alpha 2.0.
Incidently, some of these screens show a new 2.1 feature I didn't mention...

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  1. How about a option to disable hunger? Coupled with the zombie damage its just another limiter.