Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Alpha 2 AAR, part II

(...continued from part I)

Damn! I thought the CHAR Corporation building would be safe but those guys have barricaded themselves in. That Zombie Master is damn agile, jumping fences like that. Maybe I should ask that baseball bat blonde for help.

Teresa Ford is eager to tag along and together we flee my district to the east. Lots of shops there. We get into one and I decide to push shelves around to barricade the place. Night has fallen, we'll get some rest here. Other people had the same idea apparently.

It's late and I'm feeling sleepy. I make a nice shelter in the corner of the shop. It's been almost a day since this nightmare started. I feel safe here and try to get some sleep...

I'm Robert Johnson. I found this diary hidden behind planks in a house. There was blood on it.
I feel sorry for that woman. I shall not follow her path. I will survive!

The End.

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