Saturday, May 29, 2010

Alpha 2.1 progress

New features : followers orders, scoring, ranged weapon efficient range and the secret feature.
New options.
New content : items, enemies (both livings and undeads), skills, events and musics.
Improved civilian AIs.
Improved UI : got rid of look and inventory mode, more mouse oriented. 
And of course fixed bugs.

Rebalanced a bunch of stuff. The idea being more actions, more dangers, more stuff happens and more stuff to do.
Some changes will be visible only after some days have passed. So if you survive long enough there is a chance you'll see something new. I won't spoil anything, the secret feature and others stuff  are revealed as you play the game.

90% done and considering adding one feature (trap those zombies) before release.

I'll take time to playtest, 2.1 should be out in one week.
There are still major features not done yet, so still alpha.

End of post.

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