Thursday, April 8, 2010

Shopping with Zombies

Last night Phil Stevens went shopping...
(large pic from 1680x1050 screenshot)

 ...and met some unpleasant customers. 

Basic inventory and item management done. You can grab items from the shop shelves and they stack in your inventory.

Also started to implement Food and Sleep features. You'll need to loot food in place such as shops and find proper places to sleep or you'll get bad things happen to you. I find the need for food to be an annoyance in roguelike games. But here it serves as a motivation for the player to go outside and face danger rather than just holing up in his corner, since the game is all about surviving. Need for Sleep acts like a long term stamina constraint : you can't keep waltzing around zombies and fighting undead all day, you'll have to find a place to rest. Undeads on the other hand don't have these kind of problems at all, plus considering night will have negative effects on the livings, the player will have to strategize his survival schedule.

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