Thursday, April 15, 2010


Change is good. Let's log it.

Alpha - April 15 2010 build
new Feature - Inflicting HP damage now cause damage to STA too.
new UI      - Quit game asks for a confirmation.
mod Items   - Baseball bat +4a/+3d instead of +3a/+4d.
new Feature - Progressive Day/Night phases, with gradual FoV penalty.
new UI      - Game now announces Day/night phases.
new Feature - Actors with ability CanZombifyKilled now also regen HPs from the damage they inflict on livings.
new Feature - Trading : people chat with each other to exchange items (my item vs yours, deal yes/no). The player has to initiate trade with Ais (as to not get spammed by Ais offers).
new AI      - BehaviorEquipWeapon: equips weapon from inventory if none equiped (used by Civilian AI).
new AI      - BehaviorRestIfTired: wait if tired (used by Civilian AI).
new UI      - Icon for actors who can actually trade with the player, so the player don't waste time with useless trade demands.
mod Data    - changed Item.Quantity from int to short for memory and consistency.
mod AI      - Zombies AI now chase visible enemies first.
fix Rules   - Fixed an awfull typo-induced bug in isAdjacent(). Mistaking a X for a Y gives funny results...
new UI      - When upgrade time, added a popup on top of screen like other modes to make it more noticable.

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