Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hello World!

Hello there. Let me introduce this blog in a short question-answer form.

What is this blog?
It is about me developping my game Rogue Survivor.

What is Rogue Survivor? 
Rogue Survivor is a graphical zombie apocalypse survivor roguelike game.

It is still in alpha but already playable even though there's no much to do yet. I guess in its present state it could qualify as a 7DRL. As an alpha there are quite a lot of things that could still change from graphics to code and what not but the basic gameplay ideas will not.

Technical stuff?
C# using managed DirectX for rendering in Winforms. No third party library or ressources.

And who are you?
Not a natural English speaker but I think you guessed it ;)

End of post.

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