Sunday, August 19, 2018

Rogue Survivor alpha 10.1 release!


Alpha 10.1 is here!
Get it in the download page. You can get the source code as well.

Here's the readme. Have fun!

A minor update, mostly bugfixes and a couple of new features and tweaks.
For devs a new experimental useful/hilarious/depressing/infuriating Bot Mode.

(1) (Stability) Ordering followers to drop all items could crash the game.
(2) (Rules) Group members could trigger each other trap (eg: your follower triggering your trap).
(3) (Stability) AI detected to attempt illegal or looping actions will not crash or lock the game anymore.
    They will just say something about it instead and wait a turn. 
- New option: AutoSave Period, by default 24h.
- The game will autosave at regular intervals when you:
- start to sleep
- start a long wait
- or change map/district
- Manually saving the game will reschedule the next autosave.
- Can steal followers if you have a higher Charismatic skill than their current leader.
- Just use the lead command on someone that has already a leader.
- The AIs can do it too!
- If an NPC has an item that is vital for you in your current condition, it will get a yellow $ icon.
- Vital items :
- Food when you are hungry
- Blue pills when sleepy
- Healing meds (bandages, medikit) when injured
- Curing meds (purple pills) when infected
- Keep in mind there is no guarantee the NPCs will trade the item with you. The icon is just there to help you notice the npc.
- New layout variant for houses : apartments, aka "cramped places of death".
- CHAR Agencies have books and magazines... which will probably be looted very quickly.
- Cells doors are now unbreakable, because NPCs will now actually try to break free when trapped!
- "That person" down there can now be in any of the cells, not always the last one.
- Moved Jason Myers spawn point so he's more likely to roam around.
  Also gave him more stamina and made him more agressive.
- Increased max number of nurses starting trapped in hospital storage rooms.
- Civilian followers are now much more likely to lay traps and build fortifications.
  They were previously too busy following their leader. You should see much more traps and fortifications around.
  "Light Feet" skill can be a life saver!
- NPCs will not pick up traps layed by themselves or their group.
  No more followers messing with your clever trap layout.
- NPCs will never trade away unique items unless for another unique item.
- Hungry civs searching for food will angrily push objects around only when inside. Pushing cars outside is not a productive food search
- NPCs leaders are a bit less likely to get stuck waiting for followers forever.
- Improved Explore and Wander behaviors logic. As a side effect, they can try to break free when trapped or blocked.
- Closing gates do not insta-kill anymore but inflict large damage, and if the victim is still alive the gate will not close.
- Book bore chance up to 10% (was 5%)
- Added a bunch of new names and surnames for NPCs.
- City Size option has now no effect on difficulty. There are both advantages and disadvantages for large cities so in the end it evens up.
- You can now bump into things to break them instead of using the Break command, but it will ask for confirmation.
- Typos fixes.
- Misc manual fix: removed obsolete mention that killing in self-defense is murder.
- Most changes in the source code marked by "// alpha 10.1".
- New experimental Bot Mode in Debug build only: AI takes control of player.
- Press INSERT to toggle ai taking control of the player.
  Will work for any ActorModel that has a default controller defined. As of alpha 10.1 that means all actors.
- The character controlled by the bot is still considered as the player by most of the game rules, the other AIs etc...
- Remember AIs do not leave districts so the bot won't either.
- The Bot will handle everything a player has to do : answer trade offers, choose skills upgrades etc...
- When the Bot is exploring, keep in mind it make no use of the player fov memory of the maps, so it is suboptimal when
  exploring for the player. Also the ais make no use of the messages the player is receiving like "you hear fighting..." etc...
- Fix (3) about AI not crashing the game is only in Release build. Debug build will still throw exceptions etc...
  Faulty AIs should not crash or lock the game in Release if possible.

Have fun!
And remember, die with a smile!


  1. Great! I expecting next version!!!

  2. Great job. Bot Mode seems interesting.

  3. Also, if You could improve the NPCs fighting, it would be amazing. When someone is able to attack, everyone that are attacking that someone will step back, leading to hordes of survivors stepping back and forward.

    1. "Kiting" behaviour can lead to funny dances in some situations. I have to improve on that.

    2. Good to hear that, also human NPCs ( survivors and gang members ) appear to be spawning in buildings, they spawn in CHAR buildings too.

  4. no way!!!! this is still in development? can't wait to try this alpha, I enjoyed a lot playing RS some years ago

  5. Brings a tear to my eye, seeing one of my favorite game from the past come back to develpment, 6years it had been since?, i'll make sure I get to experience it all over again, oh the memories

  6. Woa! I'm really happy you re-started the development of this awesome game. Time to time I've thought how funny was to play it :) This announce was the same day of my birthday, so I consider it a gift. Keep coding

  7. Hi! i've been playing it today and it is still great! Are you planning to add more story this time??

    1. The story is always in the back of my head and is something I always want to do but end up adding something else instead. So I don't know :p

    2. ... a little graveyard area maybe..?? A place where the bad guys are making experiments!

      Anyway, I love the game as it is. There's only one thing that's really annoying to me (and i don't know if it is a new feature): civilians killing me for some fuckin food! How did they even see it?!

      (is there a shortcut key for attacking them first?)

    3. NPCs can see your inventory as you can see theirs, its only fair :p.
      Hungry civs attacking people for food is an option you can disable: "Aggressive Hungry Civs". Gangs will still attack you though.

      You can mark any NPC as enemy with Ctrl-E. But if you attack them before they attack you and you kill them it will be considered murder.

  8. Awesome!
    Don't suppose you're still mulling around on the 3D Java version? ;P
    Either way, glad to see you're around and well.
    And since you are around, going to shamelessly put some ideas past you again. :P

    1. The 3d java thing is dead dead :o. I'll take a look at your ideas.

  9. Whaaat? You are working on this again? Oh.. my.. god. I played this years ago, and I loved it SO SO MUCH. I was so sad when you said you didnt have the time anymore to keep working on it, even though I understood of course. Thank you so much! <3

  10. Still Alive? So glad you continue to work on RS. Just played a game and man never been so happy getting murdered by bikers.

  11. Great to see you active again! The open source thing was a fantastic idea and it seems to have helped you get over your hump. Keep up the Good Work. <3

  12. There's a glitch with the Spoiler Headquarters. After you turn on the lights, they can end up getting turned off again when you leave and come back.

  13. Also, the Sewer's Thing is unkillable. You can't reduce it's hit-points below 400 now matter how many times you hit it.

    1. That's odd. Are you using a mod? Do you have a save file?

    2. I just thought : were you bitten by the The Sewers Thing? All undeads can regen some HP when they bite. Even more if they have the Z-Eater undead skill. That would explain it.

  14. I'm not sure if my last message went through. I do happen to have a save file, with the Sewer Thing within visual range. I also have both a fully loaded precision rifle, and 10 extra bullets to go with it.

    It's at 400/409 HP, and it's health never go below 400.

    I've tried killing this thing multiple times, unloaded over 40 shotgun shells into it, punching it multiple times, axing it, grenades, ect... Nothing.

    The save file is basically as I left it when I gave up. If you want it, my email is my username without a space at

    1. Got your save! Thanks for the report. Its a bug indeed.
      That's some serious run you got there, well done. Check your email for a surprise ;)

  15. Looks like the Mediafire links are dead. Could anyone reupload? This was a wonderful game, and I'd hate to see it disappear into the ether.

    1. The download links work for the me. Maybe try again?

    2. Yeah, as it turns out, Mediafire its self was just having some weird issues. It's fine now. Thanks for the quick response.