Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Rogue Survivor goes open source! Twice!

It's been a loooong time! Sorry for not being as responsive as I should and letting this game rot!
As you may have noticed, the game hasn't been updated since 2012 and I don't plan on updating it. Same for RS2.

So seeing there is amazingly still an interest in this game, and some people are crazy enough to decompile the game (wtf) to get the code, let's just give the original code away!
You can get it there:

If you intend to do something with it, please read the readme first!

Alternatively, some fan has gone as far as decompiling the game(!) and adding new stuff or fixing bugs(!). I admire his bravery, even though that scares me a bit, and he might even be more competent than me at improving/fixing the game!
He has a thread on the forums:
His work is open source too, so that's great. It's very impressive and I will leave him a word of love.

That's a thank you from ME to YOU guys!
Some of you guys have some serious dedication for this game! It is both scary and awesome... scarysome!?
Sorry for failing you by not working more on the game or being more responsive!
From time to time I secretly tried to revive the game or start a new incarnation. I didn't tell you guys because all I had to show was a couple of prototypes that didn't go very far and I didn't want to repeat the RS2 fiasco...
Anyway, I don't plan on updating the game, so go ahead and have fun!!



  1. I almost literally jumped from my chair when this suddenly popped up on my screen. This is amazing news, hopefully some great things will come from this! Thank you so much for rising from the dead to leave us with this awesome present, Roguedjack!

  2. A fine gesture paired with a mightily impressive effort and all the best Roguedjack---don't be a stranger in the world of Roguelikes going forward even if Survivor didn't quite animate and reanimate as planned! You've definitely got ample talent to spring on all of us from the shadows somewhere down the line. :)

  3. Joe the ordinary gamerMay 15, 2016 at 9:26 PM

    Four years later and your game is still awesome. Thank you!

  4. Good to see you're alive and well man! And thanks for open sourcing.


  6. damn, thought this was out for good. hope to see more games from you though!

  7. I tip my hat for your honesty to yourself. If you feel like not doing something, it is good when you can acknowledge that to yourself, you will just save time.

    Best wishes with your future endavours.

  8. Very cool to your fellow human for informing us, thanks.

  9. I'm very happy to hear you're not dead. Thanks a lot for RS, it's a wonderful game.

  10. Thank you for sharing twice: a great game and its source code!
    I hope this will help with starting a legacy and more versions.
    Good luck for the future and don't give up game dev, you have some great talent!

  11. As incomplete as it is, Rogue Survivor is still the best Zombie Apocalypse Simulation I've played, and I'm really into this stuff. Very few, maybe zero other games bother to actually simulate the entire environment and living (and non-living) NPCs. This game gave me dozens of hours of fun.

  12. Jack!

    Sorry to hear you will be leaving the game behind, but thank you very much for creating it. It has given me and many others countless hours of fun, and that's because it's a fantastic piece of work packed into an awesome little game. Good job, and good luck in life! :)

  13. I randomly decided to visit the site again when to my surprise, this showed up! I have spent countless hours playing Rogue Survivor, so thank you, and thank you again for giving us closure. Best of luck in the future!

  14. Glad to see you're alive and well Jack :D And thank you for a great game.

  15. Hats off to you... Its sad to see you leave... but hopefully some worthy prodege will come and follow

  16. Maybe dreams really do come true

  17. Fuck, you are alive! I've been really troubled by your sudden disappearence. (This is really scary I know)

    Glad to know you are well and thanks for the countless hours spent with this awesome game.

    Long live and prosper

  18. O wow! Just discovered that RogeudJack came back from the dead (pun intended)!

    I was afraid your absence from the internet meant something terrible happened. There are various things that happen: grave ilnesses, nervous breakdowns, depression, accidents.

    So, firstly: it is great to know you are alive and well enough to post again. All the best wishes, hope that your disappearance wasn't due to aforementioned bad things happening.

    Secondly: mad props for sharing the code. It would be a pity to let this project go to waste. I actually felt it had more potential than that other zombie simulator, still unfinished after all these years. Nice move, RoguedJack!

    Thirdly: as usual, I am late to the party. :)

  19. Hello, I’m the owner of, a one-man run site dedicated to free-to-play video games.
    I played your game and thought that Rogue Survivor is deserving to be into the Free Games Utopia database!
    So, here it is:
    Let me know what you think and keep up the good work!

    1. Hello eman! Thanks for adding my game to your site! I'm fine with my game entry. To be fair as I mentioned on this post I'm not working on the game anymore but someone else is continuing development as "Rogue Survivor Revived".
      Your site looks interesting and well organized. Good luck on your work!

  20. Glad to see you're alive Roguedjack!
    Thanks for creating this game. I haven't played it in a long while but I had a lot of fun with it in the past. You have made a good decision by publishing its source code. Best of luck for your future endeavors :)