Sunday, February 20, 2011

New roguedjack Flash blog

That's the place to go if you want to know what the hell I'm doing with Flash while every decent chap knows I should be working on Rogue Survivor (bastard me!).
There are already a couple of gameplay screens to lurk at.
I'll keep this blog Rogue Survivor related.

Don't worry, again either :
  1. I go back to Rogue Survivor in the near/mid future.
  2. I release the game as Open Source, so anyone can improve it.
  3. Some game company has a lot of money to loose and hire me to make a Virtual Rogue Survivor 3D Multiplayer Wireless Surround Turbo.Unlikely eh?
End of post.


  1. I would love the 1st option the most. The second one is okay, but I liked your unique approach and ideas, so the first wins. The third one... no.

  2. Maybe this will inspire you:

    This guy has made a TON of videos of your game, and he attracts a LOT of people who are ready to die of happiness just to see it :).

    If you feel like you don't have enough attention for your game: you do! It may be a bit behind the scenes, but nevertheless it's the best zombie survival game out there and we appreciate it.

  3. No offence, but rogue survivor beats those flash games you plan to make, you created a masterpiece.

  4. I am sure ROguedjack knows it, he just wants a fresh experience. And we eagerly await your return :).

  5. I enjoy your game a lot, please continue to make it

  6. Hmmm reckon it would make a great game on an android or iphone platform.

    Definately some bucks to be made there.

    Anyway a great game and I thoroughly enjoy it.