Saturday, October 9, 2010

Alpha 4.2 release!

Installer and no-installer (zip) packages.
Have fun with modding stats!

Main new feature : stats modding.

- CHAR Guard, Soldiers and Gangs could fire at targets out of their FoV if they saw them previously.
- Typos : plural of Combat Knife, plural of Female Disciple.
- Breaking objects use skills for computing damage.
- AI can now use sewers maintenance building ladders.
- Break action on barricaded broken windows now works properly.
- Firing through something (eg: glass doors) did not spent ammo.
- Fix attempt for people reporting 100% CPU usage and overheating - does this work?
- Fix attempt for crash on Vista when launching from task manager - does this work?

- Mod all actors stats.
- Mod all items stats.
- Mod all skills stats.
All stats file in Resources\Data.

- Slight stats differences between Male and Female undeads.
- Breaking wooden objects might drop improvised weapons in addition to planks.
- Fragile melee weapons have more chances to break (3% vs 1% per use).
- New Item : Iron Golf Club.
- New Item : Short Shovel.
- New Item : Small Hammer.
- New Item : Improvised Club.
- New Item : Improvised Spear.
- New fighting directive : Coward - always flee.
- Stamina can go well below 0.
- Vomitting waste 50 stamina.
- Cars can now be pushed, but are very heavy. Burning cars cannot be pushed.
- Rapid Fire : fire twice in a turn but with horrid accuracy (50% for first shot, 30% for the second).

- New : Combat Assistant, to help new players.
- All advisor hints readable in game.
- Advisor hints status are now persistant between games rather than separatly for each game - it will give you a hint only once.
- Advisor can be reset - gives you all the hints from the start again.
- New keyboard shortcuts for managing items - you can still use the mouse.
  Ctrl-  = equip/unequip/use item from inventory;
  Shift- = take item from ground;
  Alt-   = drop item from inventory.
- Updated manual.

- New gfx for new stuff.

- Combat Assistant, off by default.
- Tuned difficulty computation formula.

- Improved and fixed CHAR Guards, Soldiers and Gang chase logic.
- Improved Fight or Flee behavior.

- Asymetric FoV along walls.

Have fun!
And remember, die with a smile!
End of post.


  1. Having to wait 3 turns to get my stamina back up was alright, now this is simply punishing me if im about to starve after looking for fresh kinds of food and having to eat only spoiled ones i find, causing me to possibly throw up and get fucked over by zombies

  2. Awesome, looks great!

  3. All we need now is to be able to build an opaque/solid wall, and a non-passable pushable or maybe even a "makeshift door" for some real kickin' rad fortresses. (getting followers to help would be awsome, too)

    Modding stats = Oooh, it's sooo awwwsome.
    240 hour cell phone and 100 use spraypaint mod here i come! IT WILL BE GLORIOUS.

  4. yeah man,you are great

  5. I can't seem to edit Ammunition properties.

  6. Do you mean weapons amunition type or weapons ammunitions amouns?
    Types cannot be modded (yet), but amount should (MAXAMMO). If it doesn't work it's a bug.

  7. All of the guns appear to have a working MAXAMMO setting (shotguns to have 10 shots, etc) so what i think DirkHardpeck might be saying is that the actual ammunition item cannot be modified; as in the shotgun ammo item being modded from 10 shells to something else.

    It'd be wonderful if we could mod the ammo items, then the Army Rifle could be modified to # ammo, and the Heavy Rifle Bullets to match whatever the max on the gun is. (so maybe the army wouldn't run out of bullets so fast...)

  8. What Anon said.

    I can't seem to make it so the boxes of Light Rifle Ammo have 16 bullets instead of 14. I can easily raise the Light Rifle's loaded ammo to 8 though.

  9. I've noticed that some modifications (i.e. Green pills and Blue pills stack not going any higher than 10) won't take effect. Not sure if this is so imposed limit or what.

  10. Pills stacking not modable is an oversight.
    I'll fix that.

  11. The new alpha looks epic and stuff.
    Can't wait to try it!

  12. Oh yeah, and how do you mod?

  13. Go to where you install Rogue Survivor, look for Resources, within that folder open Data. The files in there can be modded using various text editors.

  14. Roguedjack wrote:
    "- Fix ... 100% CPU usage and overheating - does this work?"

    I'm afraid I cannot test because the 32-bit Win XP machine broke down. I don't think the 100% CPU was due to the problem that caused it.

    64-bit W7 and Vista run it smoothly though.

  15. Roguedjack wrote:
    "Fix attempt for crash on Vista when launching from task manager - does this work?"

    Cashes has stopped (no report) but instead it just locks up the game just starting the Task Manager. In vista you get prompted hitting (ctrl+alt+del) and I think that's what messingup, tried it with basic x32 and ultimate x64, same thing.

    Oh btw a possibility of infection would be nice to see later in the game too.

  16. Infection would make regular melee hard for people like me, where after a week or so, I'll have a partner, and both of us will have big hammers/shovels, we don't bother kiting lower lvl enemies.
    Infection would be bad for us lazy folk, or for those that get exhausted/sleepy in the mid of a fight.
    But it is nice idea..........

  17. That's awesome! But thinking of new features...

    There are no other interactions other than trade with NPCs. I was thinking of a quest-like assigment system. You know, taking assigments like rescuing others, securing a certain building, retrieving an important object, killing an infamous survivor. Completing quests and earning respect from survivors at a particular district. That kinda things. This could be difficult and take a long time and I got some other small ideas too.

    Being able to ask other survivors to get out of your safehouse could be a good feature. Also I'm sick of not being able to shoot other survivors who are messing up with my plans.

    There aren't any apartments. I was always thinking about a scene where the hero destroys the stairway and barricades himself into an apartment, killing zombies from the roof for some target practice. It is too early for things like this but not a bad idea for Alpha 6.0

    My ideal zombie killing-surviving game is this: When I first read it I always thought "There must be game like this!"

  18. Anonymous said:
    "(...) able to shoot other survivors who are messing up with my plans."

    I verily second this one. However, there must be some kind of negative repercussions for killing innocent people, like witnesses becoming hostile if they have a sufficiently efficient weapon. In fact, I'd like to be able to intimidate people in order to scare them away.

    Recruiting civilians from afar would be a good addition as well in my opinion as it would reduce chasing.

    "(...) killing zombies from the roof for some target practice."

    According to the FAQ this is something that won't be implemented.

    While modding, I noticed the game view is far too small for true long-range firearms. I wonder if it would be too much work to increase the number of tiles beyond 21 x 21.